unemployement, a possible cause.

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IRFRANK wrote:

So what future do you look forward to, Fido?
Change is essential to life, and if the society cannot change its forms in a rational fashion, it will be overrun by another culture, or rejuvinate itself through violent and bloody revolution... Revolution in any rational and organized manor is almost impossible because the government has learned from every succeeding revolution how to spy and subvert and corrupt any organization devoted to change..

The wide cultural differences also make organized change of forms unlikely... Change, if it is to happen, must be spontanious and begin as anarchy... It would be better if people develop formal consciousness, and Jefferson and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, since they use the word and correctly.... If we seek to change things we must not seek change as a thing in itself, but as a means of achieving a new form of relationship that can deliver what the constitution promised...

People want change and clearly fear it... They must begin to talk of change in terms of forms, as formal change because it is best accomplished with eyes wide open, and on the prize one seeks... All of human history is the story of changing forms...

No one leaves the past behind, finally and forever, without some grief or regrets... No one ever left their tent for a dungeon without thinking of the past as ideal, and yet only by their change of forms did they arrive one day at a home... Our home too, is in the future... No one lives in the past but dead people... The only question is whether the future will find us free or slave... And only we as individuals can answer that question...
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The only question is whether the future will find us free or slave... And only we as individuals can answer that question...

Free of what? or slave to what?

I try to live free of the noise and mass confusion and keep sight of the simple joys of my life. I don't see any enslavement I need to fear unless I start to listen to or believe irrelevant paranoia.

People want change and clearly fear it.....

So true. I spent most of my career implementing change in organizations and there is no doubt about that statement, on many different levels.
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It is no the economy that 'disqualifies' people it is government intervention that essentially makes employment very difficult. There is always a demand for simple labor, no matter how 'developed' a country may seem.
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