Are you concerned that extreme political rhetoric will lead to violence?

Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2010 12:35 pm
@failures art,
failures art wrote:

Finn dAbuzz wrote:
Imagine for a moment the reaction we would be treated to if a right wing political cartoonist had written a book calling for violent revolution.

I imagine that whoever writes Sarah Palin's tweets would post "don't back down, reload."

You don't realize how out of touch you are Finn. The non-existence of response to violent secessionist and armed against-our-government rhetoric has been par for the course.

Get your head straight. We aren't dealing with theoretical right-wing violence; it's factual. [ ?? ]
Your begging for some sort of equal exchange is pathetic.

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Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2010 01:56 pm
No, but now I am.......thanks.
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Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2010 02:20 pm
We should all be concerned with radical left-wing violence - stay vigilant.
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H2O MAN wrote:
We should all be concerned with radical left-wing violence - stay vigilant.
Thay don 't have the balls. Thay may be mouthy, but thay r YELLOW.
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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Tue 16 Nov, 2010 06:00 pm
@failures art,
How fortunate I am to be schooled on relevance by the Young Jedi...he who is so "in touch."

"Right-wing violence is factual!"

So says our Young Jedi.

Twice now you have brushed off the Left-wing violent acts of slitting a muslim cabdriver's throat and an eco-nut taking hostages at the Learning Channel.

With a little research we can probably turn up a roughly equal list of violent acts perpetrated by nuts spouting their version of extreme Leftist or Rightist jargon.

But idiots (and forgive me if I include you among this group) will insist that these incidents are the result of the rhetoric or writings of folks who should be more responsible, and are, therefore, actually guilty.

The idiots become assholes when they insist that this is happening on only one side of the divide.

For instance, Sarah Palin urging people to "rearm" is clearly responsible for the nut who started shooting in the Holocaust Museum, but Rall's specific call for violent revolution is immaterial, and not to be considered. After all, he's merely a cartoonist and his absolutely direct call for violence can't be compared to Palin's coded call for the same.

I'm not sure what you are in touch with Diest, but it isn't reason.
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