What's the best helpful psychology book that you have ever read?

Reply Wed 29 Sep, 2010 07:35 pm
How is it helpful?
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Reply Sun 17 Oct, 2010 07:21 pm
stevenya wrote:

How is it helpful?

Actually, I don't think I've ever read a book on psychology. I took two courses on the subject in college but don't recall a thing.

Read books, any and all books (or listen, whatever you prefer). All of them have something to do with psychology. They are about people, no?

When you experience problems, you could read a book or two about how someone else solved that particular problem. How about just living every day, find something fun to do. Work out, play sports, take courses, get out among people. Stop worrying about yourself. You're probably just fine.
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NoOne phil
Reply Sat 30 Oct, 2010 11:21 am
The Jedeo-Christian Scripture. I actually typed the entire text into computer once.
stevenya wrote:

How is it helpful?

That is too big a subject to handle here.
Let me explain different methods of writing.
Take the Aristotlean Method. Simply direct.
Take the Platonic. He is preserving a theory of psychology, one that recognizes both emotion and reason. Now, Take these two elements and use them to construct a series of dialogs. The form, the definition, which the dialog is demonstrating is used as the outline of the text, the text however is exampling material difference in the form. In order to understand the work, one must be able to see the form over the work itself. A form of writing I have never seen anyone ever even suspect.
Now, Take it one step further,
The Judeo-Christian Scripture which tells the reader two important things, it is sealed to man's understanding, 2 that the heart (which is a metaphor for mind) will be tested.
The text itself, through the use of metaphor, cannot be understood at all, unless one is thinking and processing information by the principles of judgment itself. However, the metaphorical content is simultaneously effecting the emotional centers of the reader. Appearance and Reality is being exercised a great deal more completly than Plato did.
The Judeo-Christian Scripture also tells us that one day the mind of man will start to understand, and that what he thought he once knew, would be demolished---exactly the effect of understanding by rote to understanding by reason. Also, one is being told through this that the mind of man is not only evolving, but is being deliberately evolved.
The evolution of man is directly related to his linguistic ability. He cannot understand beyond it. Therefore, the greater one's linguistic ability, the less they will be able to converse with those around them. No amount of words can make a monkey undstand Spot Dick and Jane, yet it can learn enough linguistic skills to do as it is told.

When people are habitualized by learning by rote, by the use of language by rote, they never even suspect modes well beyond it.
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