What is a philosopher or philosophical structure similar to the nazi-like natural selection movement

Reply Thu 9 Sep, 2010 09:12 pm
"the more you control the gene pool the narrower its ability to survive becomes"
Ah, yes. This argument was presented already, and I personally think it is a swell one.

"the poor and uneducated are a pool of Human brilliance we so far have not tapped into"
I like this. Putting the responsibility on others to educate those who are uneducated. However, this provides no ethical good or bad judgment on the killing of those poor and uneducated people for the sake of advancing the human position.

"elderly have wisdom to be dwelled upon , for consideration of our actions in the future "
I agree. I actually caught my own grandfather subscribing to this ideology. He said that he should be dead, because he's only draining resources. I could hardly believe hearing him say that; and I thought this very thing. Just on a personal note. It gives a reason why not to kill the elderly.
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Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 06:13 pm
One of you yesterday had this kind of thought, though perhaps you used different labels.

The nature of systems and thier flaws, pertaining to termination protocols of all fouling repeated elders. With complete encoded statements of avenues of attack half encoded with key factors assigned to memory subroutines not held by any external party.
Internal parties adjustment variables.
("if we just kill you it goes away" correct, even admirable, yet flawed, since you knowingly create the situations, you knowingly antagonise the situations and you insist the impossible, "how dare you stand up you sat quietly man" is not a strategem I or any member of MY species would accept, when we were sat.) "so we abduct you and do it in you" "that way we can win... By your response." paradox of retardationary avenues of attack? Did you try this on the Gerries?.. Is that why that kicked off like that? No enemy to point at? just you lot, with your schemes?.... Behind the Nazi's was you, and you are weak for your colour.

All because you.... {insert theory] NO ALL BECAUSE YOU FOUL AND TEST TO SEE WHAT CHARLES MANSON IS ON ALL MANOR OF PEOPLE. Hitler meant Freud.. BURN FREUD. (books)

Now say it was mine and see what I mean.
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Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 07:27 pm
What are your sources on this "idealology going around online"?

That would be Hawkeye.
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Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 08:57 pm
There is an old saying, which is used rarely.

'Give a monkey a gun and he will find a reason to pull the trigger twice'

Law of the jungle, mofos.

I step back, always did, do not think for one minute that mind and body x matter to the other monkeys, only because some philosopher finds reason in absurdity.

Genetics is the removal of failure, I can prove 20 ways I have survived under autopsy.. Try **** with me with philosophy.. BOOM!

Now what do you know?
Find another question.

However, genetic creation is something else, entirely, but do we look a bit full up here or what?.
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