The Flood and Adam and Eve

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I have been doing extensive studing and praying and now I must reveal what I have learned...

Here is the meaning of the Adam and Eve stroy:

note Im not going to run spell checker as this is to extensive.

Here is the tuuth about Adam and Eve. A mystry of God not known to the church...

Adam represents the "People of God" beginning with Isreal and later to include all who believe. Eve represents the "touughts or these people as related to God". When man first contempalated God long ago as migratory people he did so without the use of "idols" of God. When God first reveales himself in truth to the first man Abraham here is formed Adam. Abraham was the first man to worship a single God without the use of idols all others had fallen into idol worship. Abrahams concept of God became as heaven and Gods spirit which is called his "helper". This is his "Eve" which inspired his understanding of "God". From Abraham to the end of Davids kingdom of Isreal was the time spent in the "Garden of Edan", the "Holy land". At some point the Isrealite nation turned to idolatry, influanced by the nations that surrounded it. This is Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Worshiping God in a tangable way to influance heaven to do the will of men. By invocating Gods to do human bidding Isreal looked to become like God. The nation of Isreal, Adam, began idolatry. This has always enraged God and is forbidden. Shortly after this God expells Isreal "Adam" from the "Garden", the promised land and sends it into captivaty in Babalyon. From that time on Isreal did not exist in the "presance" of God or in his favor, until Jesus came to create a new heave and earth. This new heave was the worship of God throught faith rather thn by ovservance to the "law". The new earth is the new location of the "People of God" which became primarlly europe. Even the "ark of the covanant" which held the ten commandments was lost. This ark symbolised the presance of God in the temple. When Isreal returned from captivaty and rebuilt Jerusalem and the temple it was only an "Image" of origional Isreal devoid of Gods presance. This "image" was built by the only two remaining tribes of isreal. This is the "two horned beast" mentioned in revalations. creating an image of the "beast", the origional Isreal. This image would "go to war" with Gods people, those who still worshiped God in faith, and eventually kill Jesus. This image as finally destroyed around 135 ad by Rome in the final destruction of Isreal. The "Harlot" of revalations was Jeruselam and was destroyed in 70 ad.

note, Im not going to run spell checker on this, its to extensive.

If you say that Noahs flood as a water event that covered the whole world did not occure you are right....got ur attention?

Bible referances to "oceans, waters, seas represent peoples who have no nations. In the beginning Gods spirit is seen hovering over the "deep", the ocean. Let there be light means that God "reveals" himself in the thoughts of people for the first time. At some point in human development long ago migratory people first started to contemplate about a "God". Heaven represents humans conceptes of this God. Then "God" sets a "firmament", the "sky" or "heaven" between the "waters" and seperats "waters" above the "heaven" from below the "heaven", those waters below team with "creatures" which represent nations and kingdoms. Those above the heavens remain migratory people. The "dry land" represents the middleeast area from india to egypt where the first nations arise. In the middle copper age from about 1600 bc to about 1300 bc "strong men" come about. These are the first tyrant kings. The bible calls these men children of the "sons of God" and the daughters of men. Shortlly after comes Noahs flood to destroy the "wickness" brought by these men. It is written that Abraham lived "on the other side of the flood", before the flood. But genology shows he lived AFTER Noah...error here. Abraham lived somewhere around 1600 bc. His desendants went into Egypt around 1500 bc when a global famine struck the whole earth. This famine caused the opening of the flood gates of heaven and the great flood. This flood was a great migration of people from the north, europe, russia, ect. into the areas that had nations. This flood of people destroyed early civilazition. History records this flood as a sudden and inexplainable destruction of most nations and cities around the end of the copper age, 1300 to 1100 bc. Only part of Assyria and Egypt surrived. Egypt was the "ark" that preserved "Gods people". Moses was a type of Noah that leads the people out of the ark "egypt" after the "flood" and into a weakned middle east to occupy the "promise land". Had this destruction not occured the people of Moses could not have conqured their land. The "covenant of the law" given to moses for the people was the "rainbow" promise of God after the flood. The "tower of babble" dispersion was the dispersion of the isrealites into their 12 tribal territories.

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Hey why not? Sounds as good as anything else!
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