Bertrand Russell's History Of Western Philosophy

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Bernie and Fred were alike in that each of them dared to have strong opinions and dared as well to express them, and often these were exceeding unpopular at the time.
Both, moreover, we not above making a joke even when writing philosophy. Both also gave their readers credit for understanding when they were serious and when they were not.
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@Bill Maxwell,
Bill Maxwell;160645 wrote:
Bertrand Russell is one of my favourite Philosophers (David Hume is definitely top). I love HWP. I've been reading it on and off for ages.

It's quite a known fact that Russell disliked Nietzsche's work. Russell was reportedly so disgusted with Nietzsche's work, that he threw one of Nietzsche's books across the room and did not complete his reading. This, whilst quite funny, was a bit childish and some bias probably came through when writing HWP.

Not so childish. He was probably emulating Dorothy Parker who reviewed on book by beginning, "I could not put this book down. I had to throw it down!" I find it easy to understand Russell's reaction. He showed a lot of self-control in my opinion. And that is far from childishness.
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