Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 01:32 pm
For our senior research project we had to pick a topic we could make an argument about. I picked cosmetic surgery. I argued against getting surgery because of the risks and dangers you can go through when and after getting surgery. Please read what I have to say, and tell me your thoughts! Feel free to say your opinions, positive and negative comments are good.

When you are considering going under the knife you should know there are many risks to a cosmetic surgery procedure. You are probably only thinking of how good you want to look, and how you will feel so much better about yourself after the surgery. Sure everyone wants to look beautiful and perfect, but what does "perfect" really mean? There is no such thing as perfect, even though many people believe that. The media makes a lot of people self-conscious with their beauty and fashion magazines. And many will do anything to live up to their standards of what they call beautiful. Getting cosmetic surgery is not always a very good idea, as it does come with many dangers.

Infections can occur after any operation, they are usually treated with antibiotics. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the stitches to allow the infection to drain, if the wound is left open it can result in a visible scar. For some infections, additional surgery may be necessary. (Loftus, 16)

A hematoma is the accumulation of blood within the surgical site after the skin incision has been closed. A small hematoma usually just causes minor bruising and goes away on its own. If it’s a large hematoma, it can lead to infections and can compromise the final cosmetic result (Loftus, 17).

Blood clots that can develop in the legs during or after surgery are among the most serious complications that can occur with surgery of any kind. These clots can lead to pulmonary embolism (blockage of a lung artery) and can be fatal (Gerber and Czenko Kuechel, 47).

Some of the other effects after a surgery are emotional and psychological effects. Some of these emotional effects are negative, as a patient may not like the results of their surgery. Many patients who get a surgery always return to their surgeon to get another. Two thirds of patients who seek cosmetic surgery will return for another surgery. Many of them will sink into the psychological abyss of body dysmorphic disorder - a condition where the patient's body image is so distorted that no amount of surgery can correct it. Yet, they are so obsessed that they seek one surgery after another often jumping from surgeon to surgeon. This is not a condition that can be fixed by surgery (

Jenny Lee Burton had already had thirty surgeries at thirty years old, which include breast implants, lips, a brow lift, cheek and lip implants, three nose jobs, and a liposuction. Jenny Lee has admitted she has body dysmorphic disorder. She started getting plastic surgery when she was nineteen years old, she started with her breasts because she felt they were asymmetrical. From there she continued on with her nose and also getting liposuction. She also admits that she is addicted to plastic surgery and she will continue to get more because she loves the results, and it makes her feel better about herself. Because of Jenny Lee's many nose jobs, she can't even use a tissue to clean out her nose because otherwise it would start bleeding, sometimes she has to breathe through her mouth. She has been to therapy for her body dysmorphic disorder, and also takes medicine for her anxiety (

Becky Anderson's story is a sad one too. Dr. West had performed over a dozen surgeries on her after doing a tram flap, a surgery that she was not a candidate for. A tram flap stands for Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous flap. During a TRAM flap reconstruction, skin, fat, and muscle will be moved from your tummy up to your chest, and used to create a breast mound ( Dr. West would cut the dead tissue and place it on her chest. He would also cut in different parts of her abdomen. The last surgery that Dr. West performed on her was not consented. "He was suppose to remove the mesh and replace it; use the oblique muscles to cover a dime size hole, but instead he cut the muscle from my right leg and filleted me open. He did not have my consent to use my leg. He asked me and I said NO. He even measured my leg and said it wouldn’t work. He said the muscle was too short. This surgery was done at Sutter Roseville. After this surgery, I was in and out of hospitals. There are just too many to mention in this complaint," said Anderson "During all this time that Dr. West treated me, he never treated me for infections. As a matter fact he never knew I lost so much blood and needed a transfusion." (

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So as you can see, getting cosmetic surgery is not such a great idea. It does come with many complications, but if you ever do plan on getting it, make sure you research for a licensed surgeon. But even then, I don't think cosmetic surgery is the answer to changing your looks.
With all that said, what do you think? Would you still go through with a surgery after knowing all the risks? Please comment and tell me your opinions! Thanks.


Gerber, Diane, and Marie Czenko Kuechel. 100 Questions & Answers About Plastic Surgery. Sudbury, Ma: Jones and Bartlett, 2005. Print.

Loftus, Jean M. The Smart Woman's Guide To Plastic Surgery. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. Print.

Pacher, Gerd C. "Negative Effects of Cosmetic Surgery." Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. Web. 10 May 2010. <>.

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"Breast Cancer - By Category." Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer Basics, Prevention, Risk Reduction, Treatment, and Breast Cancer Survival. Web. 20 May 2010. <>.
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Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 01:53 pm
you should really check out this site - OMG
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Always Eleven to him
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 04:06 pm
I decided long ago that I would never have elective cosmetic surgery. I was working on an appeal of a liposuction gone wrong, and when I read about how the procedure was performed, I said, "No way."

I agree that television, movies, magazines, etc., for the most part send the wrong message about beauty. You're right -- what's "perfect" for one person may not be right at all for another.

I know that it's an old cliche', but beauty does come from within. Brains, kindess, wit . . . all those things go into making a beautiful person. It's sad that many people don't look at beauty that way.
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Bella Dea
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 06:30 pm
I never thought I would ever elect to have surgery. Until I had a baby. Now, for the first time in my life, I am having trouble with my weight. Things begin to sag. Move out. Get wider. I don't know that I can say for certain now that if I had the money, I wouldn't go out and get some done. I'd have to seriously research and consider it before doing it and I don't think I'd do much more than liposuction. But I just might have it done. I do think people take it too far.

For some people, cosmetic surgery is like getting your teeth whitened or your hair dyed. It's just something they do without really thinking much about it. They do it because they can and to me that's their business. If you want to base jump for the rush, I think that's incredibaly dangerous, but some people think that the rush is worth it.

It comes down to the basic decision maker of nearly every thing we do; does the outcome outweigh the risk?

Beauty is a double standard. If you try to look beautiful (makeup, hair, trendy clothes, botox), you're conceited and vain. If you don't try (no makeup, jeans and tee shirts,etc), you're sloppy and plain. You can't win, really, if you look at it through the eyes of the world. And that is just sad. Which is why regardless of whether you have the surgery done, you have to make your decision based on your own thoughts and values. Because no matter what you choose to do, someone is going to tell you you're wrong. Get it or don't get it but do it for YOU. And with nearly everything in this world, never take the word of anyone (even a doctor) over your own research. Doctors are human. They aren't all super good people out to save human kind. Take the time and do yourself a favor before making a decision that could change (or end) your life. And then carry out that decision.

Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 06:57 pm
@Bella Dea,
I had cosmetic surgery when I was 42 or 3 and had lost a bunch of pounds. I had suddenly three or four chin folds. I had a young husband. Plus, a friend had had surgery and thus I was more open to it. I was fairly shortly thereafter sorry about it. And as years went by, my face looked strained on one side. I can spot a chin lift from a mile away. Luckily, age makes all my wrinkles a map of life and I have other stuff to worry about. I would no way ever do that again.

Also, nothing wrong with tees and jeans. Don't wear them to the prom or the opera.
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 07:14 pm
Alternately, I've just had a recent surgery to lift my left eyelid, and will have to do it again if medicare will approve (complications I don't want to explain). In my case, it is major for improved vision, at this point. If the eye keeps going downhill, then not.

However, people with a bank account and very low eyelids can opt for this if medicare, etc, doesn't approve.. I think it is a good idea, allowing people to see upwards and somewhat more sideways, a healthy outcome. So this is just one example of when I might be for what might be called cosmetic surgery.
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Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 08:23 pm
Granted, some plastic surgery does suck (ie: Michael Jackson, Bruce Jenner). However, sometimes it works great! I dated a woman who had breast augmentation after breast cancer surgery and she looks awesome. My friend Jane had her drooping jowls fixed and she looks 15 years younger. Sometimes I dye my hair if I want to achieve the youthful look. Jewelry, makeup, lotions - all there to make us look better.
Reply Mon 24 May, 2010 04:54 am
I've had plastic surgery (tummy tuck and other bodily stuff I won't get into; it's all due to major weight loss). If I had not had it, I'd continue to have one pretty major issue, which was a lot of excess skin (I had about 6 lbs. taken off, all told). Skinfolds such as I had can lead to rashes and infections. I already have issues with eczema so this was just essentially more eczema waiting to happen.

Another, more cosmetic issue was whereby I was a size medium in blazers at the shoulder but by the time they got to my hips, I was a 1x.

I still have excess skin at my triceps and thighs. I most likely will not have surgery for those issues. I'm happy with my results although I do have a delightful road map of scars. They will fade -- I keep them out of the sun (they're mostly in places that don't see any sun, anyway). Abdominally, the scarring does not look significantly different from a C-section.
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dr bassetto
Reply Thu 19 May, 2011 02:04 pm
I'm writing in reference to your article about plastic surgery. Several points must be considered before the patient has decided to undergo plastic surgery. The patient has to evaluate the real need to undergo a plastic surgery. Also low cost surgery can be dangerous. It is also important that the patient chooses a licensed surgeon.
The current situation described in the article, shows that plastic surgery can be very dangerous, if it is done in the wrong moment, on the wrong patient and with the wrong surgeon. First of all, the patient has to evaluate the real need to undergo a plastic surgery, most of the people think that if they have money they can buy anything, for sure money can help a lot, but it is not real. A surgery must be done just in the case that real defects exist on the body or face in an inharmonious way. Always, the patient has to choose a licensed surgeon, who is highly recommended and has a history of a great number of surgeries performed .Low cost surgery usually is not a good idea. A good surgeon spends a lot of time in medical school, and a lot of money to learn how to make a safe and well done surgery, so it can't be cheap.
Plastic surgery can be dangerous if the patient is not in normal mental health, or in normal physical health. When well recommended some changes can be very welcome, but a person can't expect to change everything, or resolve all problems in the operation room.
The biggest problem that i have in my office is the overweight patients, for them the surgery is not a solution, they have to go on diets and exercise and lose weight before the surgery.
Several times, in the office we say no, but the patients don't believe us, and change doctors until they find someone that says exactly what they want to hear. Sometimes the surgeon works under pressure, because he needs money, he has children in school, he has a wife that spends a lot of money or two of them, he has a mortgage for the wonderful house and a sport convertible car or because he wants to be famous, or just because he thinks that he is God. Often patients look for a cheap surgery and what they find is a big complication. A good surgeon, a good hospital, a good anesthesiologist, good material and good medication can’t be cheap.
If the patient is a candidate for plastic surgery, they must pay attention to some advice to try to minimizing the chance to have a bad result or a complication. The first suggestion would be to evaluate the real need to undergo plastic surgery. Second, find a doctor with references preferably from another physician, referrals of confidence. Third, find out if this doctor comes from a good medical school, and if he has had good training in college. Fourth, where did he do his residency in general surgery and where did he do his residency in plastic surgery? Is he part of a national and international association of plastic surgeons? (Information
available online). Fifth, the patient must visit more than one surgeon, and have consultations with 2 or 3 different doctors. Make more than one inquiry, to check different points of view and surgeons' opinions, check the information and check the surgical planning. A surgical plan can not be so different from one doctor to another. Sixth, never choose the doctor for the price, but by trust, always choose your doctor because you really trust him.
A cheap hospital, a low price and long drawn out split payments, are an indication that the patient is not receiving proper care.
Performing one or two surgical procedure to improve an anatomical change is no problem when the procedure is well recommended. To be addicted to plastic surgery is a very big problem and the patient needs a psychologist or a psychiatrist. These disturbances shouldn't be happening, the patient may be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder , and for this patient surgery will never be satisfactory. It is very important to remember that plastic surgery will never substitute a healthy diet or exercise. The best advice is to eat healthy, exercise, use sun block every day , use a good anti-wrinkle creams at night, have sex one time a week at least, get a very long and deep night's sleep, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, and drink plenty of water, these are some of the most important things to do to prevent aging.
Beauty is relative and changes over the years with times. What was beautiful a few years ago, is not any more. In the past women, needed to be fat to be beautiful, now they have to be slim, and very often they come to the plastic surgeons office to do liposuction. 20 years ago, breast reduction was the most common surgery performed, but now breast implants are much more wished for. The most important thing is to be happy, fat or not, big or small breasted, with or without wrinkles, it doesn't matter; just live your life!
Plastic Surgeon
Curitiba, PR Brazil
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