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Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 02:19 am
Dear sir/Madam,

I am doing an assignment on discrimination towards international students and need some experts to solve my question. I really need your opinion so that I can process my work.

Delphi Panel Report

Question: “The evidence we have collected in both surveys and focus groups suggests that Gen Y find most of international students cannot get along with the local students well because of the language barrier, different cultures, customs and their passive attitudes towards the locals. It is not serious that the locals discriminate to the international students. Do you think that in the future, Gen-Ys are likely to communicate with those international students more and how the situation can be changed?


Best regards

Chris Wong
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Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 05:05 am

geez - just walk into a neighborhood bar and see how the locals act about anyone consideerred an "outsider" coming in.

It's all about feeling threatened - kind of like territory rights.
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Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 01:45 pm
Birds of feather stick together. For security creatures stick together or stay near other harmless creatures eg. deer would stand near a giraffe or a zebra if a lion is near but if the danger is gone the deer would most likely be near its family. That is at a low level.

You will notice several minorities would get along quite well. But those same minorities could have national conflicts with each other. When the British were in control in India the Hindus and Pakistanis banded together against British rule. Once the British left the Hindus and the Muslims were at each other's throats. The dominant common enemy usually leads to cooperation and once the uniting factor, the common enemy, disappears the various groups seek their own kind and factionalism again becomes a factor. However, over time the various groups could assimilate and could become one whole nation as the various groups learn and accept the differences and appreciate them. The short term leads to social fracturing but the long term effect would be assimilation.
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