Sun 21 Mar, 2010 09:02 am
i want to buy machine from china, how can i?.
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Sun 21 Mar, 2010 09:04 am
how to import machine from china
Sun 21 Mar, 2010 09:35 pm
If it's a big ticket item, the manufacturer will likely help you. If not, I'd first check with your government on import restrictions etc. They likely will be able to give you a lot of valuable info.

Be careful out there, do your homework; doing international deals is tricky. You could get took real bad.
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Thu 1 Apr, 2010 07:58 pm
what machine would u want?,??
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Sun 13 Jun, 2010 06:22 pm
Google Silk Road Trade Consultants they will help you.
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Thu 1 Jul, 2010 12:08 am
Hello, same question as lupee.
What kind of machine you need?
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Mon 30 Aug, 2010 04:11 pm
I bought a machine from Wuhan Chancay Machinery and Electronics. According to several websites they are CE and ISO9001 certified and you can purchase a positive audit report over the internet. If you think that is enough homework you are wrong. The machine did not work and for 4 months we were arguing. The factory denied anything was wrong until I sent a video. Then they did not answer any more. Be aware you may lose your money.
Sun 31 Oct, 2010 09:39 pm
Quality control is important, our company consists of a number of a group of professional lawyers,QC inspectors,auditors and sourcing specialists , we once take legal steps to recover a foreign businessman 30.000 dollars from his chinese supplier. with our service, you dont need to worry about being scammed or getting poor quality.
Need more details. mail me at [email protected]
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Fri 16 May, 2014 02:09 am
Please read before you take the decision. 10 minutes reading will give you a clear view of Used Machine Export.
1. Honest Dealer or Real Owner: They will tell you what they know before the deal. They will behave according to the agreement. Not much to say.
2. Dishonest Dealer or Fake Owner: They have many ways to disappoint you when you receive machines.
a) Very Low Price 1 Do not deny we are not the first one you met, because the other provides you much better price. You may think lower price means original owner, but it IS WRONG. The correct logic is that Real Owner invest money, he can not sell it on loss, so his price is little higher and stable. Cheaters have already had their own plan to deal with you, so their price is always lower or very flexible. Please read following to know their plans.
b) Very Low Price 2 (Fake Machine) Machine he introduced is fake, most famous case is fake Tadano and Kato, now we also find fake Hitachi EX100WD, Komatsu PC200 PC220, Komatsu Motor Grader, CAT Motor Grader……
c) Very Low Price 3 (Changes Parts) Machine main parts changed to cheaper one, such as Engine, Pump, Motor
d) Test Machine for you Everyone can test machines, because owners want to sell, so they could allow any one to test machines. But recently, owners find the cheaters have very bad intention, so they do not allow them to test it again. So if the dealer always says this and that machines sold, he can not find the technicians, machine still has problem……you should be careful that he may over use too many owners. Even if they can test it, they may not give you this unit, as follow
e) Disappear with Deposit Cheaters never mind how little of the deposit, they would like to collect and disappear. Even if you can find them, they could return your money and deduct some for certain excuses. But you lost you valuable time.
f) Play trick after Deposit Cheaters will play tricks to prolong the delivery time for too long, because they can not find solution to send you machines. They will gain when you find policeman can not help you, because only lawyer can do it, but lawyers charge too much and it takes too long time, so you will give up and bear the loss by yourself.
g) Change Machine BEFORE Loading When you pay peanut, you are working with monkeys. When you left, Cheaters will bring you worse condition machine, or even fake machine, and repaint to the machine you checked. They could do it in another place which you do not know.
h) Change Machine WHEN Loading Cheater could load the machine you need, and change it somewhere else in the same container.
i) Cheat Threaten your agent Do not rely on your agent. They are not professional in used machinery, and no one will help you as yourself. Please do not blame your agent, they have their own things to do, and it is YOU made the decision.

3. Policeman is not the solution. Policeman is so busy. And they do not care if there is no physical fighting. Only way is lawyer, but do you have the time and extra money for it? And that is why the cheaters can do it again and again. So wake up before it is too late.

How can I do with it?
Most Cheaters can not afford to hire good manager who knows both English and Machines. So it always is Boss and interpreter (interpreter do not know machines, and they do not want to know, so in the future they could excuse that the translation was misunderstood). When you saw this type company, you should be careful.

1. Check the machines by yourself.
2. Take the machine as it is if possible, and do not ask them to repaint the machine. And use Marker to sign you name on machine, Body, Cabin, Glasses, Engine, Pump, Tires.
3. Sign Agreement before you pay deposit, get pictures of sellers ID card, get the address, and take pictures with the dealer or owner.
4. Find the shipping company by yourself if possible.
5. If the machine is on ground, please just pay them very little deposit (less than 10%), so they will NOT have enough mobilization money to get another machine for you. Do not pay them much before you MARK the Machine well.
6. Best way is stay there till the machines in Port. Any delay should have good reason; otherwise, cheaters are trying to play with you. Some time cheaters give you some attachment free, but need time, that means cheaters trying to gain some time to prepare their schemes.
7. Report to the advertiser immediately, stop them cheating other people and cheater may regret and refund you.
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