Unscientific survey: finger snapping and dominant hand

Reply Thu 18 May, 2017 08:10 pm
Finally , a sensible subject.

My non-dominant left snaps with a sharp sound and the dominant right snaps with a flat sound (so I'm ambidextrously incapable of carrying a tune).

The flatter sound on the dominant hand (they are both philosophically existential and the right hand wrote no religion in the last census it literally completed) is probably due to my middle digit hitting a less elastic lump of meat.

When I say probably I don't mean the combinatorics inherent in the 2C1.4C1 ways of snapping the opposable primate digit that rigorous experiential research has shown results in 6 thuds and 2 snaps with a probabilty of 1.
Reply Thu 18 May, 2017 09:38 pm
In news just to hand I've managed to snap all four fingers on each hand with a discernible four note snap on each.

When I time the action on the left and right hands the sound is not dissimilar to this:

Tune in next week when I force it to the limit in an attempt at simultaneous finger-snapping and bare-foot tap dancing with a decidedly dress-up demeanour.

Happy snaps.

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