Ray Wylie Hubbard

Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2003 07:28 pm

I got on my cowboy boots jeans and Hawaiian shirt mirrored sunglasses and a mobile phone
I guess I look like some Port Aransas dope dealer that's out on bail just trying to get home
Well I ain't in jail and I got a guitar got a little band that's hotter than a rocket
Sometimes we're sloppy sometimes we're real loud Tonight we're just ornery and locked in the pocket

So screw you we're from Texas
We're from Texas baby so screw you

Now I love the USA and the other states they're okay
Texas is the place I wanna be and I don't care if I ever go to Delaware anyway
Cause we got Stubbs Gruene Hall and Antones and John T's country store
We've got Willie and Jacky Jack Robert Earl Pat Cory Charlie and me and so many more

So screw you we're from Texas
We're from Texas so screw you

Now Texas has gotten a bad reputation cause of what happened in Dallas and Waco
Our corporations well they are corrupt and our politicians are swindlers and loco
But when It comes to music my friend these words are true as Saint John the Revelator's
Our Mr Vaughn was the best there ever was and no band was cooler than the 13th Floor Elevators

So screw you we're from Texas
We're from Texas so screw you
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Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2003 11:42 pm
stolen horses

Chorus: I'll be riding stolen horses when you don't see me no more
I'll be riding stolen horses on some distant shore

Now reincarnation as I understand it is birth, death and rebirth
Unless we get enlightenment, full tilt enlightenment
We come back down here on earth
And I suppose when we leave here, that we go to some celestial realm
And in one of these Heavens there might be horses
And if there is I'm gonna steal me a few of them.


Now there's little demons on the Hindu temples
Above the door and all around
What that says is we get past what scares us
And we can stand on sacred ground
So don't be cryin' when I'm done breathing,
The way I'm living, I'll be back again
So close your eyes and see me riding
Some stolen horses in the wind.

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Reply Thu 9 Oct, 2003 04:47 am

Very Happy
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Reply Thu 9 Oct, 2003 08:25 am
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Reply Thu 9 Oct, 2003 08:27 pm

There always is consequences
For everything that I do
I been awake her now all night
Shaking like the apostles used to do
Looks like I'll never know
I'll never know the sleep of the just

Each and every night is worrisome
Miseries cross my mind I declare
I guess it could be a guilty conscience
Who'd a though I would ever care
Looks like I'll never know
Never know the sleep of the just

Have mercy Lord have mercy
I just can't shed these blues
Both you and I know I can't be fixed
With bailing wire nails or screws

I thought I heard a voice calling
Outside my window at the break of day
Said be much obliged when you're leaving
Things just ain't going my way
Looks like I'll never know the sleep of the just

So I been walking around in circles
Look at these holes in my shoes
The reason I'm leaving Houston
Ain't nothin here left I can use
Looks like I'll never know
Never know the sleep of the just
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Reply Sat 11 Oct, 2003 11:40 am

She is Mother Maybelle Carter's wildwood flower
She walks like a spirit upon the Earth
Lost one without a trace now she's grateful for the grace
And she stands and delivers what she's worth

She calls me her handsome high plains drifter
She tells me I got an old soul behind my eyes
Like a fire in a thunderstorm she is a spark devine and warm
And I believe her when she tells me love never dies

She says it's true true love lasts forever
And when there's no more wild ponies left
To ride and the Earth falls away what's matter fades to gray
True love is just as strong on the other side

She is Marianne Faithful's broken English
She tells me of a land where no one cries
Where we've risen from the dust to a place there is no rust
And I know for Heaven's sake love never dies
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