Sun 22 Feb, 2009 11:30 am
Anyone order a lot of seeds?

Im looking for company recommendations.
I see some companies have complaints about their seeds have less then a 20% germination rate.. and others have little to no ratings at all

who do you use?
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Sun 22 Feb, 2009 11:44 am
I use a company name of Rohrer and Sons a local ( Village of SMoketown in Lancaster County) seed packer and distributor. Ive never had any seeds that had less than 90% germination. The 20% is unacceptable when you pay good money for seed. Sometimes sevearl types of seeds(like onio0n or beans) can drop in germ rate if they are carried over ferom year to year. NEVER BUY SEEDS THAT ARE DISCOUNTED last year seeds, They usually arent kept properly. I buy up several types of seeds at the end of the season (no onions though) and then put em in the freezer .
Always have had good luck.

Rohrers has a good (not great) varietal listing. They dont carry the new years "hot new veggie or flower" they usually wait a year till the reports come in. The first season that the Burpee folks came out with these White marigolds, they had lots of trouble ith them. After 2 years of further culling and testing, the true whites were ready for market. The same thing is now happening with wild color nasturtiums.

Ive already started onion seeds, parsley, aegeratum , basil in peat pots, and red beet seeds (Redbeets transplant really well)

I brought up some flower roots (like Dahlia) from the cold storage and Im letting them slowly acclimate to the season in a series of pots in an equipment shed that lets it get down to 45 (then a heater kicks on).

Time to get going girl
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 11:50 am
I have only started 4 squash ( from seed) and 15 sugar snap pea plants ( from seed)
I am getting my buckets by Wednesday for my tomatos , and on Monday I get my load of manure for my other pots.

Im looking mostly for veggies. I have little room as it is so no frilly flower stuff for me. Not this year.
I did that last year and though I had a very pretty patio, I miss having fresh food. I am keeping the morning glories for the bees, but thats all for the non eatin stuff.
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 11:52 am
is this them?

do they ship or sell seeds online?
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 12:03 pm
i know people who've used Stokes Seeds and found them to be a good company
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Sun 22 Feb, 2009 12:09 pm
nasturtium flowers are pretty - and wonderful on salad - quite peppery

someone brought me a great flower/salad mix as a house-warming gift years ago. I'll see if I can figure out what it was. It was really worth the space it took in my small raised salad/strawberry bed.
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Green Witch
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 12:43 pm
Fedco, Johnny's, Baker's and Pinetree Seeds. Pinetree is great for small gardens. Less seed, but also less cost. Close to 100 percent germination on all stock from the companies I mentioned. You can Google for their sites. It is getting late in the season for most of the country and some seed may be sold out. If you go to a garden center look for Cooks Garden or Renee's. Avoid Thompson & Morgan. Burpee has been pushing GMO's from Monsanto, so I personally avoid them.

Ehbeth, if you want some spectacular varieties of nasturtiums check out Territorial Seeds. I didn't recommend them above because they are expensive. However, they do carry things no one else seems to have.
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Sun 22 Feb, 2009 12:50 pm
NO, thats H Ross Rohrer, the FEED company. Sorry,You want

I think they have an online catalog, I love paper seed catalogs , they are enjoyable while at the table eating.
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 01:16 pm
Oh me too.

I have ordered 4 in the last hour.
I could read those forever.
Sun 22 Feb, 2009 01:24 pm
@shewolfnm, The Seed Savers Exchange grows heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. They use the proceeds to preserve seeds for future generations.
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Sun 22 Feb, 2009 01:25 pm
very cool blog about a small garden

her 2008 Seed list

* Basil 'Pistou'
* Beet 'Rainbow Mix'
* Carrot 'Kaleidoscope Mix'
* Edible Chrysanthemum 'Shungiku'
* Eggplant 'Mix'
* Fava Bean 'Supersette'
* Fennel 'Fino'
* Kale 'Tuscan Lacinato'
* Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix'
* Pepino Melon
* Pepper Mini Red Bell
* Pepper Mini Yellow Bell
* Radish 'French Breakfast'
* Sweet Pea 'Matucana'
* Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'
* Thai Chiles Duo
* Thai Red Roselle
* Tomato 'Lady Bug'


* Chinese Chives (Allium tuberosum)
* Chives
* Cilantro
* Cutting Celery (overwintered from 2007)
* French Tarragon (survived from 2007!)
* Italian Sage
* Lavender
* Mint
* Oregano
* Rose-Scented Geranium
* Rosemary (white flowering)
* Thyme

great recipe for watermelon gazpacho with nasturtium flowers


make space for a small pot of lemon balm if you can. you can use it for a tisane or for cooking
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