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It sounds like your buddy Frank needs help getting out of that well.
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H2O MAN wrote:
Obama to Issue Order Closing Gitmo During First Week in Office

This order will amount to a presidential pardon. The headline should read as follows:

O boy to pardon hundreds of terrorists during 1st week in office.

Just because he is closing Guantanamo doesn't necessarily mean he is going to set the detainees free. Let's see what he actually does with them.

Yes, if Obama frees all the captured enemy fighters, there is a problem (a problem that our soldiers will quickly solve by no longer catching anyone alive).

But maybe Obama wants to start holding captured enemy soldiers in prison along with ordinary criminals, instead of in a dedicated POW camp.

I'm sure our inmate population will give them all a nice warm welcome if that is the case.
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Reply Fri 23 Jan, 2009 04:31 am
@old europe,
old europe wrote:
I think the vast majority of people who are in favour of closing Gitmo are mostly in favour of ending a system that was purposefully installed to operate outside of the law, in violation of international treaties and in violation of the United States Constitution,

Exactly how is Guantanamo a violation of international treaties or the US Constitution?

(I realize that any torture would violate the treaty against torture, but that does not make the mere detention of people at Guantanamo a violation.)

old europe wrote:
and they would be perfectly fine with trying and sentencing terrorists, provided such a case can be made in a court of law, to sentences similar to the one 9/11 plotter Moussaoui has received.

How about those people who we need to detain, but cannot make a case against in a court of law?

And for those we do try, most international war crimes courts allow hearsay. Most ordinary civilian courts do not allow hearsay. Is it unacceptable to apply the same trial standards as an international war crime court when we try these people for war crimes?
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