Dome Jozef and his Gypsy Band

Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2008 05:26 pm
For 4 years now I've had some music in my library that I loved but knew nothing about. Someone gave me a cd and all I knew was that the band was supposed to be called "Dome Jozef and his Gypsy Band" and the album was Die Reblaus.

For years I've searched and the only result I ever found was my own post on able2know listing my playlist. I tried all kinds of music databases, search engines and there was simply nothing out there on the internet. Not even on databases that collect digital fingerprints of songs. Not a single scrob anywhere either.

This month my luck changed, and someone put the CD up for sale on ebay, letting me confirm the artist and album and finally add titles to the tracks I've had in my digital library all these years.

The playlist from the ebay seller listed the tracks as:

Wie schon sind deine Augen
Nur ein Madel gibt es auf der Welt
Juliska aus Budapest
Schwarze Augen
Moskauer Nachte
Die Nachtigall
Tamo Daleko
Csardas von Monti
Der dritte Mann
Polka Fantasia
Wiener Blut
D'runt in der Lobau
Wien bleibt Wien
Wien, Wien nur du allein
Heit Kommen die Engel
Komm Zigan
Ungarischer Tanz No5

I wasn't sure if they were in order, but they seem to be. Track 19 is, in fact, Ungarischer Tanz No5 (aka Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5) and hopefully the rest are in order and properly spelled.

Anywho, I'm just listing that info because the ebay listing is sure to expire soon, and there will once again be no more information about this on the internet. So here's the album cover to go with your track list if anyone else out there listens to these guys:


And here's a great violinist (Yehudi Menuhin) performing Hungarian Dance No. 5. I'm saving it here because it's been one of my favorite pieces since I was a kid (I believe I first heard it on the soundtrack to the documentary Animals are Beautiful People) and putting the pieces together for this Roma music album I've had all these years is reconnecting me with some of these old favorites.

Thanks know-where-man at ebay for posting the playlist!
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Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2008 05:42 pm
May I point you to MAxum Chenko and his Cossak Cowboys
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Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2008 10:12 pm
Aaahhh, those are famous songs played by various artists. "Reblaus" is
an area north-east of Austria, very close to the Hungarian border where the
climate is very conducive to wineries, and the wine from that region is called
"Reblaus" and these songs are played and sung while drinking Reblaus wine.

Juliska aus Budapest is a song from an operette "Maske in Blau" (Mask in Blue)

Reply Sun 28 Dec, 2008 10:15 pm
"Der Dritte Mann" - this song is famous and when you hear it it won't leave you
for a while.... Anton Karas was the original artist

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Robert Gentel
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2008 01:08 pm
CalamityJane wrote:
Aaahhh, those are famous songs played by various artists.

I know, but I didn't know all the titles for them and now I do, this makes me happy and because I've spent years looking for the metadata for this album without finding it I decided to preserve it online because the only place it now exists in in a recent ebay auction that will disappear eventually.

Because I use digital music, lacking titles can get in the way of some of the things I do (for example, till I had the titles last.fm wouldn't scrobble any of the tracks) and missing metadata is annoying.
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2008 03:43 pm
@Robert Gentel,
You see, had you played us the songs, you could have gotten the titles a few years sooner Smile In any case, it's nice music while sitting in Budapest
or Vienna in a pub drinking wine.

Robert Gentel
Reply Mon 29 Dec, 2008 03:51 pm
I considered that, but the only way would have been to upload the music to the web myself and I walk a tighter line with copyright on the web than most.

In any case, I needed the rest of the metadata for the album anyway as I wasn't sure I had the name right.
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joe nechwatal
Reply Sat 11 Feb, 2017 07:46 pm
Hello I heard these guys playing live in a resturaunt in austria years ago and bought their cd but I lent it to someone and they lost it . How could I get another copy or download it ? Joe Nechwatal . [email protected]
Robert Gentel
Reply Tue 1 Aug, 2017 01:30 am
@joe nechwatal,
I know of nowhere to buy it online, all the information you can find online about it came from me (e.g. I wrote it up on last.fm's wiki and that is syndicated a bunch of places but I'm still the only listener there who has ever scrobbed it). I still have it and am willing to share it given those circumstances. Will message you.
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