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GorDie wrote:

here is my version of the story,

One day two fish crawled up on land.
They had never been on land before.
They had never experienced the vegetation or the likes of waterless breath,
but they had decided, "we must go on land to escape the predators in the sea. Who would have ever expected our cousin Jimmy to ever become such a monster."
So the one fish said to the other fish, "Alright, after we get it on hot and heavy, you go hide under that rock. see what you can see. surely it will be safe there from Jimmy and his brewed. Me, I'll go fly away. Don't blame me if my children eat the rest of your offspring cannibalistically. It's in our family nature."
So after doing it, the other first turned to the first cock-eyed and said, "We live on land now... What about your gills?"
and the first responded. "What gills? I am a bird."
and he flew away.

To die after a terribly long lived legacy of cannibalising his offspring, who's, as the Bears tell us, lives don't matter compared to Big Papa.
The End.

One fish climbed from the waters into the air and became an angel and the other walked upon the land and became a predator.
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