Has a Song Ever Made You Cry?

Tue 13 Feb, 2018 05:25 pm
Different songs at different times. Don't You by the Simple Minds never made me cry until my best friend's funeral. Now it does quite often.
Cats in the Cradle ever since my father died.
If You Go Away by Emiliana Torini (her version is especially tear-jerking).
Tue 17 Apr, 2018 05:49 pm
Do you know Emiliana's back story? I loved her 'Fisherman's Woman' album.

On topic - quite a few songs have made my cry/choke up - none as consistently as this:

I once bumped across an old gentleman of eastern european extraction playing the backing track 'Ashokan Farewell' after midnight walking the streets of Melbourne. Wonderful unimaginable coincidence.
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Wed 6 Jun, 2018 06:29 pm
Luckily for me they did not play this just over a week ago, it would have been very embaressing.
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Sat 18 Aug, 2018 05:23 pm
@Diest TKO,
Vapour trail from Ride, it made me cry while i was kinda depressed and going thru a bad time
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Sat 18 Aug, 2018 06:38 pm
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Phily Gautier
Tue 6 Nov, 2018 04:05 pm
@Diest TKO,
Rise Against - Satellite
45 seconds of culmination make me cry a little..)
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Tue 3 May, 2022 12:08 am
@Diest TKO,
Diest TKO wrote:

I had never had an experience like that until about 3 years ago. I was listening to John Lennon - "Imagine," a song which I had heard countless times before, and then I just cried
Oddest thing, but incredibly powerful.

I know what you mean about that song. I avoid it when it is coming at me on the street. Act like I forgot something back at the bunker.
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