Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 05:39 pm
I have lost so much weight, so quickly I dont know what is going on.
I love it, dont get me wrong.. and.. well.. i DO know what is going on but anywho.
there is this thing called a gazelle by some over energized, super hyped guy named Tony..and I need something to help tone up this new body I have...

I can find them for sale at around 100.00 bucks at Academy here in town.

They fold flat and can fit under my couch.

My question is -
How well are they made?
Quiet? If my neighbors go nuts, I cant use it
Worth it?
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Green Witch
Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 06:16 pm
I just looked them up on Ebay. Used ones seem to go for about $50. Personally, I think it's human nature to treat them like a clothing rack within two weeks. Have you ever seen a garage sale without exercise equipment? It would be better to put on some music and just start dancing. You can always add some hand and ankle weights. Buy a pedometer and make sure you take at least 5000 steps each day. Any store or destination under 2 miles should be walked to instead of taking a car. You could also try some pilates or yoga DVDs from the library. If you don't use the DVDs you won't use the Gazelle either.
Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 06:46 pm
the topic tag promised me tits Crying or Very sad
Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 06:47 pm
@Green Witch,
Agree with green witch re clothing rack and preference for dancing.

Ugh, try not to lose weight super fast. The body reacts to that as if in starve mode. Equilibration time is good.
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Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 07:07 pm
djjd62 wrote:

the topic tag promised me tits Crying or Very sad

I tag every thread I start with tits.

makes me easy to find Wink
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Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 07:07 pm
All exercize equipment requires EFFORT, something that most of us quit after a few days or weeks.
Serious walking over rough terrain is my cardio and fitness mwthod.

I agree about going to yard sales and seeing VERY expensive exercise equipment going for under 50 bucks OBO.
We were talking about doing a LAwn sculpture made of parts of Nordic trax and Bowflexes etc.
Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 07:12 pm
the weight is not coming off because I am really DOING anything to make it happen.

Im.. anxious.. nervous...excited.... happy to be 'making my own space'...making new changes..
I have , literally, repainted almost this entire apartment in the last month.

Re arranging furniture
Moving furniture to clean underneath it
pulling everything out of a closet and throwing out or giving away almost everything in it....
I am working off a lot of nervous energy and it is showing in my body.
Since I am not 'making' the effort for it, Im worried about re-gaining it in a month or so . I wanted to try something to help keep myself this way and assist in losing more.

The gazelle attracted me because it will fit in my ever so small apartment AND was something I might be able to afford.

but, the sensible thing may be some arm and leg weights while I am working to help build muscle and still give me resistance...

A machine could very well end up a clothing rack.. and I dont need more things taking up space. I finally have a lot of open area as it is.. I didnt bust my butt for two months to create it, to only fill it back up again..
Reply Sun 21 Sep, 2008 08:02 pm

Find a nice neighbourhood and walk. You'll probably find all kinds of exercise equipment you can drag home. I can't tell you how much exercise equipment I've helped my neighbour haul home over the years (and then helped her son haul it out and put it out on their curb a year or so later).

Keep walking.

If the weather means you need something you can do at home, pick up a couple of exercise dvd's (bellydance perhaps?) for $2/3 a pop, stick 'em in the computer and work along. $10 for an exercise ball's not a bad investment - I followed Jespah's lead on that one - kinda fun, though I'm still a tiny bit nervous re balance.

$100 on a piece of equipment? naaaah

(and those Tony Little gizmos aren't usually that well made)

Reply Mon 22 Sep, 2008 04:12 am
I agree with the others. Don't buy the piece although getting it for free is of course fine.

I do free weights; not only are they a lot easier to store, they also can be upped at any time, plus you get a lot more choices of the kinds of moves you can do. Another idea is resistance bands -- they are cardio and you can do a lot of things with them. Plus they are tiny. I also like the stability ball (thanks for the plug, ehBeth Smile); of course it can also be stored flat if you let the air out. If you're going to do that a lot, though, get a pump.
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Reply Mon 22 Sep, 2008 05:06 am
I 've heard that farming is long, hard work.

What does " OBO " mean ?
Reply Mon 22 Sep, 2008 06:49 am
OBO= "Or Best Offer"

Beth makes a really good observation .Everyone (YES EVERYONE) I know , that has invested in lots of these computerized exercise equipt, never thinks of removing the towels or shirt hangers from the bows n slides and other parts that stick out like spars on a square rigger.
I like to tease em with stuff like"I see that your shirts are into a rigorous exercise program".

Some of this **** sells new in the thousands, so, Walk with me down the fields and into the woods and the swamp. We cross the crick and come up a draw thats covered with undergrowth. Youll be puffing after an hour and a half (ya gotta watch fer STolzfus' mules though, they like to steal your hat or bite your vest, if you give em tribute of a nice apple, theyll pretty much leave you be)
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