Reply Wed 17 Sep, 2008 06:39 pm
um. No.
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Reply Wed 17 Sep, 2008 06:41 pm
Thanks for that.
It makes perfect sense.

We have not had anymore color questions lately so that is the reason I have not posted anything

but I did "address" things in a child way the other day.
We were coloring and I started to make different colored mermaids in her coloring book assigning them super powers.
Green could swim forever
Blue could.. fly I think
Red was able to make fire
Black was able to jump over anything
Purple able to talk to animals.. etc

Then we started the " I want to be green today" or I want to be yellow.. etc.

We did that all day pretending to be different mermaids with different powers. Quite fun actually
Reply Fri 14 May, 2010 08:45 pm
Does Bean know the most powerful man in the world is black/white and lives with the black first lady and their girls in the fanciest house in the world? Tell her and show her pictures and tell her "we are the same as them."

"Mommy's just like michelle obama. You are just like president Obama. nobody in the class is the same as you and the most powerful, most successful man in the world and he is married to a woman just like mommy."

Right? Right. Give her something good and powerful. This is perfect.

Don't let those kids give her a complex about who she is. She might end up like those black girls that wear colored contacts and dye their hair blond. Who knows what could be going on.
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Reply Wed 7 Jul, 2010 08:48 pm
Hey this answer may be too late seeing that your post was from 2 years ago. anyways how is that problem of yours with your daughter going? Did you somehow find a way to make things okay?
My advice would just be that I think first and foremost if you want to tell a child something you have to know it first. As you mentioned when you were young you kind of struggled with the same problem. How did you resolve that? Have you really resolved that for yourself?
I'm of mixed race and I've never had this problem because both my parents are very proud of their respectful origins so this way I have never felt that one heritage was less desirable than the other. Maybe to help your daughter you need to show her how proud you yourself are to be black, and show her what it means to be black. Teach her about whatever culture it is that afro-americans have, let her experience how it is to be in a black family, so get her to interact with her grandma and aunts, cousins. Let her feel what it means to be black and surely she will feel proud of her black side. But at the same time also honor her white heritage.. a balance of both.
And let her know that being more than one race, she has more diversity, more beauty. She is two worlds in one.
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