Does anyone else think that Spirit Airlines sucks!

Reply Thu 13 Mar, 2008 04:09 pm
My bags were lost at both of my travel destinations. Thankfully I received them a day late at my arrival city. Now that I am home, I have no luggage. I have tried unsuccessfully to speak to anyone whatsoever! I get a recording at the Chicago airport saying that they are either busy with another customer or away from the phone. I have been trying for 11 hours and have left numerous messages, but nothing.

I have tried corporate numbers, no answer. The baggage assistance has no numbers, only a fax. I have tried the "tracking you bag link", but when I enter in my information, they say that that service is not provided for that airline. I am now on hold for the 4th time, this time 22 minutes of nothing, no backround music, only static. 3 times I was eventually disconnected.

Now get this, if you read the fine print in their lost baggage information, they will only call you if they find a piece of luggage that matches your description. Does that mean that they will never call with an explanation if nothing shows up?

I did go to the claims department and fill out the missing baggage complaint, but come on, I'd at least like an update.

Anyone else had similar situations with Spirit. I know my ticket was cheap, but the time and energy spent on this is ridiculous. I wouldn't fly again with them if my ticket was free. Anyone else have a similar incident with Spirit.
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High Seas
Reply Thu 13 Mar, 2008 04:52 pm
Happens every day with every airline. That's all you can do >

Aviation Consumer Protection

Call Aviation Consumer Protection at (202) 366-2220 to:

* Report a concern about airline service including:
o Lost baggage
o Ticketing
o Denied boarding


> and make absolutely sure you're being polite in all your communications or they can put your name on a "do not allow to travel by plane" list!
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Reply Fri 14 Mar, 2008 07:05 am
I am a very reasonable and polite person by nature. But please, after over 24 hours of touch tones and never speaking to a rep, this is ridiculous. I fly about every 4 to 6 weeks, every other airline at least has someone in costumer service to help you. this is the first time that I have flown with Spirit and I will never, ever again fly with this airline. Bring it on if they want to put me on a "do not fly" list.

When I was Googling ways to find a contact number I was startled by the amount of bad publicity that they already have in regards to customer service and lost luggage.

I am only seeking advice on how to obtain my lost luggage from an airline that doesn't answer their telephone.
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Reply Fri 14 Mar, 2008 07:38 am
Thanks for the info High Seas,

Basically the information that you provided me is for safety concerns, unless I'm missing something on the website that you provided. I also can mail in a complaint.

I just want my luggage back. My long black hair soon will be gone if this keeps up. I usually pack as much stuff into my carry-on, but with Spirit you are limited to one. I had to check everything else. Everything I needed for work while in Chicago until I return to the USVI next month.
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Reply Fri 25 Apr, 2008 11:46 am
I usually do not check luggage, but was forced to because of the liquids i my bag. $20 per bag is ridiculous, especially if you paid to not receive your luggage.
We were told once our flight landed in FLL, after waiting for some time, that about half of the flight's luggage did not make it aboard!!! Shouldn't they have mentioned that during the flight or how about before it left?
To make matters worse, no one would assist us in FLL and they insisted you must wait until you get to your final destination on go to baggage services.
Of course when we reached Chicago, there was not a Spirit representative in sight to assist us or to allow us to put a claim in. We waited an hour and even when she showd up she had an attitude, was very useless and incompetent!!
Needless to say, 4 days later, we still have no idea where our bags are, if they are in another country, customs or wherever!! WE CAN'T EVEN SPEAK TO A HUMAN BEING TO FIND OUT ANYTHING! how unprofessional!!! So I decided, I would give them their moneys worth alright, I started calling the reservations desk! YES IF YOU CALL THE RESERVATION DESK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH SOME ONE IN S.E. ASIA!!! OF COURSE YOU CAN SPEAK TO SOMEONE IF YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM SOME OF YOUR MONEY!
Well, they barely speak english, but keep calling every 30 minutes submitting claims, asking and pissing supervisors off...you get a return phone call finally from someone that still doesnt know absolutely **** and does the same thing the representative did when you filed the cliam at the airport. The representative even suggested that it was my fault my luggage didnt make it on the plne because it probably didnt have a name tag on it!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND UNACCEPTABLE!
Once, my bag is delivered, if it ever is, I am going to pursue legal ction, which I encourage more people to do and then SPIRITAIR.COM will be forced to go out of business (YEAH!!) or develop a customer service department to assist with all of their mishaps. They will never see a dime of my money...its not worth the all the problems and inconvenience!!!! $ days no luggage and still no idea when or if I will ever get it!!!!
DO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIR!!!! you still end up spending the same amount of money after you pay for all the little things that are complimentary elsewhere. It is worth the extra 20- 50 dollars to fly with some other airline!
Reply Mon 5 May, 2008 08:29 am

Did you ever get your luggage back? I finally received mine via Fedex after 10 days. No phone call, nothing. The frustration and inconvenience that this airline put me through is ridiculous. I had the great experience of having to shut down both my corporate and personal banking accounts because of all the sensitive information that I had packed in my bags. I'm flying back to St. Thomas next week. Needless to say, I'm flying United Airlines this time.
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Reply Wed 31 Dec, 2008 10:12 pm
Spirit Airlines is simply a money player: they go after the routes that are financially feasable and their customer service is non-existent. They are a rare combination of arrogance and ignorance.

I made the mistake of accumulating some 200,000 miles on Spirit and it is a joke to try to redeem them. They have one person, Jackie, in redemption and she gets back in a week or two to tell you that your dates are no good. Then a week later she responds after you give her a new date and she then says, another week later, it will take double miles. Just a bunch of bullshit. I think the award program is just one big con game!

That's right, no automated way to get award tickets.

This airline sucks in nearly every way, except perhaps the actual planes that they fly.
Reply Thu 1 Jan, 2009 10:10 am
Low fares aren't necessarily a bargain, as you found out. recently I arranged a trip for my employer using Spirit Airlines. I guess their flight was okay, but he was quite put off by having to buy a bottle of water for $3. That is insane - you know how thirsty a person can get on a plane. Also, a bag of M&M's was $3 as well. Can you imagine what a cocktail would cost??? Makes me wonder, if they are so cheap with snacks and drinks, what other corners are they cutting - mechanical? safety? Definitely customer service, based on your experience. I will never travel Spirit Airlines no matter how cheap they are. It's is good to learn from your mistakes, but better if you can learn from someone elses!
Reply Sun 11 Jan, 2009 06:02 pm
mechanical? safety? they have the best service in that.
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2009 06:50 am
INDIA AND NOW ARE TRYING TO SUCK THEIR WAY INTO CLAIMING TO BE THE BEST. They dont report earnings or dot compalints because of their size and the public should be aware of the bad service they provide. THEY WILL LOSE YOUR LUGGAGE.... Cancel your trip and charge you extra...
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2009 06:56 am
Take it from me I worked as Supervisor when spirit was run by private people. THE COMPANY IS run by uncaring goonies. They use cartoons like mickey mouse tatics to gain customers. THEY LIE about sales and they dont care about your personal belongings. THE ceo Baldanza even was caught in a email sent to the the customer by mistake that he didn't care about his customers. Please google spirit airlines and you will see what a joke of a carrier they are. They get away with it because they dont have to report to DOT since they private owned.
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Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2009 07:14 am
THE idiots that run spirit outsourced the customer care to india to put more money into the pockets of BEN BALDANZA,BRIAN DAVIS. The hard work by a superb team post 911 and up to the year 2006 are all gone. Thanks to the goodfellas that run the new no frills airline. You get worse in service and you should not bring any check in bags because you have a high chance of arriving without bags. PLEASE FLY any airline but Spirit. The sales are gimmicks and the service you will get is just horrible these days. Just ask any one that had to call the customer service!!! I know I worked for Spirit Proudly under its co founder for 7 years before these clowns took the management seat. I loved helping the thousands of customers that we serviced with grace, and hard work. We knew who made our airline great and happy customers always came back. I am happy now serving at a large airline company and wished these clowns sell the company or get out!!! Every marking attempt by spirit is a new record of idiotically for all to see. The famous 10 extra inches, offended employees and public, Digging for Hoffa puzzle maze on its website offended Hoffa's surviving family, MILF ad sleazy tacky slogans. CHildish price cartoons that are stereotyping people. How much lower can these people go to make a buck.
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