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For more information about the Kindle All-Stars Project to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, contact me (Laurie Laliberte) at [email protected].

I've been a retailer for somewhere in the vicinity of twenty years...started out as that cute girl behind the candy counter at Jordan Marsh. (May we have a moment of silence, please?) Fast forward to late summer 2005 and I've traveled professional hills and valleys to arrive at yet another counter, this one purely cosmetic in nature. I do believe I've found my bliss somewhere between causer of problems and finder of solutions. I do not regret any part of the journey that brought me to this point, for it is the journey itself that made me the woman I am. With that knowledge, ask yourself this question: If I really could go back and change things, would I? Update 2009: Finding myself on a path of creativity and self discovery and struggling to use my many years of retail experience for my own designs at

Oh yeah, and if you're male....Yes, I was flirting with you. As the Scorpion said to the Turtle "It's just my nature."

The Bridge:

Rob G's albums:

On the back porch. . .

Sinatra. . .
Raw drizzle. . .
Aroma of low tide. . .
Trying to cozy down
In new pajamas. . .
Thinking about you,
Listening to the rhythm
Of drops from the roof.
Reminds me of
Jack Kerouac
Of. . .
Your bedroom eyes,
Your strong jaw.
Jewel loves you;
She's bewitched.
But who are you?
How can I
Get under your skin,
Get into your soul?
Do you have one?

Come to me. . .

But my mind is elsewhere.
I myself
Am entranced.
He's taken my focus
Away from you.

I pray for a distraction.
I pray for a sign.
I pray for a glimmer of light.

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