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Sat 18 Nov, 2006 09:09 pm - [quote="Setanta"]Adams considered, as did many of his contemporaries, that their novel experiment (there had truly never been such a government launched in history) would need to survive... (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 08:50 pm - The library here has both the complete Freeman set and the Flexner set. Nobody probably knows that they're here. The entire Revolutionary war set of books is in the very back corner of the... (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 08:36 pm - Did Freeman write another biography of Washington aside from the seven volume one? (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 08:03 pm - I thought you seemed a bit like the quidnunc type! (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:58 pm - So what are you? :) (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:58 pm - It's nice to have a place to talk history. I have no history nut friends where I am. I'd talk to the professors but I tend to correct them too much. My non history nut friends are sick... (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:56 pm - [quote="Setanta"]I also entertain a very low opinion of Jefferson's character. I have posted about it so many times here, that i'm not going to go into again. I have also... (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:54 pm - I could have sworn that something didn't look right with that word! I'm usually great with spelling. Sorry about that. (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:51 pm - I most definately will look into them! (view)
Sat 18 Nov, 2006 07:46 pm - [quote="Setanta"][i]"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography,... (view)
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