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Thu 19 May, 2016 03:42 am - Thanks James, Thats a long time to keep the Lovatt's clues. I'm on holidays at present so don't have access to my own Crossword Dictionaries. Thanks again, Sweda (view)
Wed 18 May, 2016 05:19 pm - Thanks James - I checked the Dictionary and could't find your answer. Any other suggestions please. Sweda (view)
Wed 18 May, 2016 01:14 am - Needing only one to finish this one also. 67a Bee's pollen tuft - S?o?a (could it be Stoma or Stola??) Thanks Sweda (view)
Wed 18 May, 2016 01:11 am - Thanks for the answer - easy when its written down. Clue didn't say 2 words unfortunately. Thanks again Sweda (view)
Tue 17 May, 2016 06:21 am - Needing one to finish please, 20d. Linked to the internet or a place for wet laundry - ?n???e Thanks Sweda (view)
Wed 16 Sep, 2015 08:08 pm - Thanks very much, nice to finish one. (view)
Sun 6 Sep, 2015 09:04 pm - Needing one to finish please, 102d. South African Jazz-like music - K?e?a - is it Kwela? Thanks Sweda (view)
Wed 26 Aug, 2015 07:50 pm - Thanks for the answer. I must admit I,ve never heard of this word. Good to know all the answers around it must be correct. Thanks again Sweda (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2015 09:16 pm - Needing help please as I think something is wrong with some of my answers. 104a. Contradicts - O??u?ns Those answers around it are: 73d. Malapropism 84d. Obscure 68d. Shock Absorber 83a.... (view)
Wed 1 Apr, 2015 06:02 pm - Thanks very much, Obviously Ive made an error somewhere. Thanks again Sweda (view)
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