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It is not unusual for people to be interested in selling diamond rings in order to get some cash. Some do it because they desperately need the cash and since they don’t want to get a loan, this is the solution they choose; other people, women in particular, sell diamond rings because they remind them of fiancées who didn’t deserve them. Regardless of what your reason for selling your diamond ring is, you should gather some helpful information on the online stores that are specialized in making such purchases. I also chose to sell my Blue Nile ring and I am pleased with the outcome so if this is also what you want to do, then go for it! We are here to help you better understand how the process works and share some of the most common FAQs about diamond ring sales. You will surely get lots of answers for your questions and you will better understand what to expect from the sale. Here are the most common FAQs.

When you find a store that has a good offer for you and decide to close the sale, the store will send you a fed-ex label, will insure your package and you need to send the diamond ring. Once the store receives the diamond ring, a specialist will verify the specifications in your description in order to make sure that it was accurate. Once this is done, the store will finalize the quote and send it to you. If you accept the offer, then the deal is closed.

There are situations in which you get an estimate for your diamond ring but the official offer is different, usually smaller. The difference in the quote is explained by the fact that diamonds can change value in time. If there is a long period of time between the moment you asked for an estimate and the actual moment of the sale, then expect for differences to appear.

If you want to learn more about the interest specialized stores have in enhanced diamonds, you should know that they make purchases of this type but you need to understand that diamonds that are fracture filled, color enhanced or laser drilled have very little value compared to natural diamonds. It is your choice if you accept the small price, as it will surely be a small price compared to the price of a natural diamond. However, specialized stores that purchase diamonds from sellers such as you will accept both natural diamonds and enhanced diamonds. This means that it doesn’t matter what type of diamond you have, you are still going to be able to sell it and make some money with it. Just make sure of the fact that you get the best offer you can get for the item you have for sale. Don’t settle for very little just because you desperately need the money.

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