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For some students, peer pressure can also contribute significantly to under achievement. Acceptance in their peer group is often perceived by students to be much more important than academic ability. Student-teacher collaboration should go beyond the classroom. Collaborating involves building healthy relationships, which happens when teachers are comfortable giving advice and students are not afraid to ask for help. Research evidence indicates that work commitments can actually create a barrier to parents becoming more involved in their child’s education. Such responsibilities impact particularly acutely on parents in low-paid occupations who work long hours where there is little flexibility to enable attendance at school-based events such as parents’ evenings. Some school mobile apps provide dedicated parent helpdesk support to help the parent with any of the queries providing satisfying resolutions. Direct communications with SIMS makes your Parent App a breeze to use.

Message Tracking And Analytics

A lack of confidence in their ability to understand, challenge and face teachers as equals impacts strongly on many parents. Social media and technology are integral parts of daily life, and integrating the use of these into the classroom is more natural than before, given how acclimated many students are to them. Delivering a positive user experience on a school website requires the inclusion of up-to-date quality content. Achieving this doesn’t have to be a difficult task or one that requires an expert hand; no school needs to produce a masterpiece, just something that is easy to digest, relevant and helpful. Considering the field of literature on parental engagement, it is worth noting that a large number of studies on parental involvement foreground the perspectives of mothers, not fathers. Whilst parents need to know how their child is doing at a parents evening, there is also an opportunity for teachers to learn how the pupil behaves at home. The automation and simplicity of Online School Payments can save schools a lot of time and money.

A school app needs to be simplistic and easy to use; otherwise, parents (and school staff) will get confused and subsequently won’t use it. A school app that’s difficult to navigate won’t be used; it’s as simple as that. School apps allow a high level of built-in, targeted communication, facilitating two-way engagement, while allowing the school to choose the most appropriate channel of communication – for example, SMS, Push Notification and Email – for the correct situation. With significant expenses incurred with conventional teaching and learning methods (i.e. textbooks, private tutors, courses..) these platforms can serve as a big cost saver for families. If any of the systems that regulate these abilities is off kilter, misunderstandings can occur and social exchanges are strained. When young people experience repeated missteps, they tend to become socially anxious and may quit trying altogether. A school branded app includes a lot of interactive features, including a survey module that allows the user to ask an limitless amount of questions through phone and web. Effortless whole school communication can be made reality by including Websites For Schools and all other applications in one app.

Reach Students And Families Where They Are

Communication is key today. We all have busy lives, so providing parents and carers with instant access to school information on the device they’re using everyday is now the best way to engage them. Most parents are not certified educators. Even those who are educators, know that there are struggles when teaching their own kids. Teachers need to rise to the challenge in order to find the hidden potential and passion that exist in all people. School apps handle any administration or communication tasks - a great asset for any school, and great for marketing. Parents need to login to the school mobile App using the login credentials in order to check the details of the students. Schools can bring all their communication into one place with Homework App today.

Smart Alert features help to stay a step ahead by notifying the parents and staff with the latest updates on the school's mobile app. Teachers often face scepticism or – at the very worst – resistance by students’ families in being part of something they are not comfortable with. The involvement of technology in the education of their children can trigger concerns as naturally happens with major generational changes.
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