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My name is Ryouko and here are some things about me!
- I love everything about beaches... the water, warm weather, and sand, but especially fish. The general enviroment of beach towns are nice too! Sadly, I'm far inland in a state with a bad reputation, mostly having to do with rednecks. I live near a lake, but it's not the same.
- I know the basics of coding html and css, but I forgot most of what I learned.
- I can draw sort of okay and mostly doodle during class when I should be listening ( " ^ _ ^ )
- I'm okay kind of at writing, I guess?? I'm good at historical fiction but I really hate it and I'd rather write anything else but that's all I can really do...
- I love rain and thunder, but hate the period of time after it rains before the water dries up ouside.
- I live in the suburbs and it's pretty boring.

That's about it!! I'm sort of a boring person.
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