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Movies have been a great way of entertainment for many people in the world. With today's technology, watching movies is no longer limited to movie theaters and the silver screen but they are available anywhere. They can be watched in cellular phones, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and laptops. If you want to watch an assortment of films for a small fee or even for free, then you can visit sites such as pubfilm and MovieTube.

There are four main genres of film; these are the drama, horror, action, and comedy. This article will focus on horror films and how it came about and how to make a movie of these types during the early days. Horror in literature is the predecessor of horror films that propel that latter to its present form. If there are no literary works that were written under this genre, then no movies of such type could have existed today. The term horror was coined in 1764 in a book named The Castle of Otranto which is written by Horace Walpole. During the following centuries, literary giants like Edgar Allan Poe brought this genre with his great works like The Raven. Some of the greatest horror movies today are based on old horror stories like Dracula and Frankenstein which we both written in the early 1800s.

During the birth of horror movies, the movies depicted supernatural beings. Before 1900, short silent films were made in this genre. It was the Frenchman George Melies who was thought to be the father of the first horror film with the title Le Manoir du Diable at 1896. Around this time, Japanese also tried their horror version with Shinin no Sosei and Bake Jizo.

The first full horror film was the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Plenty of these horror films were made by the German filmmaker as early as the 1900s. This was the time where German expressionist film takes the center stage. These types of films influenced the horror filmmakers. During the 1920s, Hollywood started to dabble with the horror genre with Becoming with Lon Chaney Sr. becoming the first horror star.

If was in the 1930s when the horror film was first popularized in Hollywood. Together with Dracula and Frankenstein, there were also films that were made with a mix of Gothic horror and supernatural. The Wolf Man in 1941 was an iconic werewolf movie that was created by Universal Studios.

During the 1950s, there have already been innovations in technology in the creation of films. The rise of two subcategories being the Armageddon and the Demonic films rose during this decade. Social ideas and fears were incorporated in the movies but in a way that was indirect.

In the 1960s, iconic movies came about. The Birds, which is an Alfred Hitchcock movie, was against a modern backdrop and was the first American Armageddon film ever created. The most influential film of all time was a film entitled The Night of the Living Dead. This is when zombies were brought into the mainstream.

You can watch on assorted genres including a plethora of titles that can be viewed online for free. Visit them now to see their library.
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