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ProHydrolase is a scientifically developed combination of protease enzymes is extremely efficient and effective. It assists your body to quickly and effectively break down protein into bio-usable forms. It's free of any form amino acids, you already knew that!

ProHydrolase, an scientifically designed combination of protease enzymes is highly efficient and efficient. It aids your body quickly and effectively reduce protein into bio-degradable forms. It's free of any form of amino acids. You guessed it! It provides a unique proprietary enzyme matrix that contains protease which is extracted with care from Bacillus subtilis and bromelain. carefully extracted from Ananas Comosus, also known as pineapple.

This scientifically engineered, dual-sourced complex has been backed by clinical studies. It has been shown to maximize the benefits of protein supplements, by helping the body gain the maximum nutrition value from whey protein through increased absorption of amino acids. Since ProHydrolase assists in breaking down protein into a digestible form, you can maximize amino acid uptake into your system and capitalize on every scoop of the whey. This is essential if you want to optimize the gains you gain from building muscle and recovery of your delicious protein shake.

Researchers discovered that ProHydrolase as well as Whey proteins together improved digestibility and absorption of amino acids in a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study. Researchers provided 20 healthy volunteers between the ages of 19 and 35 years old whey protein along with ProHydrolase and Whey protein by itself. At the end of the study, they discovered that total amino acid concentrations rose substantially (by 55 mg) greater after taking whey protein with ProHydrolase supplement than after just the whey protein-only supplement.

It means that whey supplemented with ProHydrolase is 20% richer in amino acids than whey protein itself. This is amazing because whey is already recognized as one of the top sources of amino acids. Therefore, maximising absorption from this high-biological value protein is not a problem to be laughed at. It would be like taking a turbojet engine and adding a costly afterburner in order to increase thrust and horsepower. If you think about that analogy and in mind, you are now able to understand and fully appreciate the power of protein, especially when it is paired with ProHydrolase.When everything is done, with this amazing science to back this unique enzymatic structure, you will understand the reason MuscleTech Research & Development have collaborated with scientists at Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, the makers of ProHydrolase to develop key MuscleTech protein formulations that assist you in maximising the power of your muscles and recover efforts.
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