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Wed 2 Dec, 2015 12:07 am - Why is planning a wedding so stressful? (view)
Mon 30 Nov, 2015 12:34 am - Why would people divorce knowing that they'd mess up their children's life? (view)
Thu 26 Nov, 2015 08:24 pm - You don't want the entire makeup onto your boyfriends face and clothes when getting close? (view)
Thu 26 Nov, 2015 03:17 am - I've been in a relationship for 5 years. All of a sudden my boyfriend has started eating non veg. I'm totally against it. He's asking me to accept him or leave. (view)
Mon 23 Nov, 2015 10:16 pm - I have to go to a number of weddings this year, and I was given this jacket earlier in the year and have never found an appropriate time to wear it. Would this jacket with grey wool trousers,... (view)
Thu 19 Nov, 2015 01:38 am - If your mother and father do not sleep in the same room, barely talk to each other at home, and if divorce seems unlikely because mother has been financially dependent on father? (view)
Mon 16 Nov, 2015 01:32 am - We've all seen it in movies, but I'm wondering if people actually say something when the reverend (or whatever you call him/her) says "...speak now or forever hold your peace." (view)
Wed 11 Nov, 2015 08:21 pm - What should I do if I don't like people in my future spouse's family? (view)
Thu 5 Nov, 2015 02:32 am - that's a good idea? (view)
Fri 30 Oct, 2015 02:06 am - I easily get overwhelmed and exhausted from going clothing store hopping and trying on clothes. (view)
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