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Thu 9 May, 2019 08:47 am - Thank you very much. Looks like exactly the thing I was looking for. Will start reading now. (view)
Thu 9 May, 2019 03:18 am - Last year was my first on this lot - an allotment garden, and it was in one particular spot where there was more sand than elsewhere, and things also had difficulty to grow right there. I have dug... (view)
Thu 9 May, 2019 03:10 am - Yes... but I was wondering if the principle still would apply. And besides... if one applies "geologic time" - millions of years, to hard rock then the rock could be seen, visualized, as... (view)
Thu 9 May, 2019 02:44 am - And I should mention that it seemed like a neverending task to pick sand-grains from my garden - every new day new sand-grains had been "pushed up" to the surface. So it is clearly an... (view)
Thu 9 May, 2019 02:28 am - I understand that, and thank you for answering. I can reveal that the underlying question I have is if this phenomenon, principle, possibly also applies to deeper crust and mantle of Earth. Usually... (view)
Wed 8 May, 2019 04:14 pm - When I was working in my garden last summer I noticed a phenomenon that surprised me. I picked away larger sand grains from the soil (grains big enough to pick away by hand) but every day new sand... (view)
Sat 17 Nov, 2018 11:52 pm - If we say there is an average global subsidence rate of ground (besides the uplift) of about 1 millimeters every 25 years then all ground (rock) now on surface would have sunk down to those 200... (view)
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