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As people reach the age of 65, they become vulnerable to almost everything; that is one of the reasons why, it is highly recommended for them to carry a medical alert device, as frequent as possible.

What is a medical alert system?

Due to the increasing and sustaining instances that the elderly are being hospitalized from accidents and sudden health problem, the medical alert system was invented. This emergency response alert system is designed to help the elderly in times of emergency cases, as well as providing peace of mind to their families while the elderly try to expand their activities, even after retirement.

How does it work?

The medical alert system may consist of the following:

• Wireless transmitter (can be worn as a pendant or designed like a wrist watch)
• Automatic fall alert system or sensors
• Landline or Cellular GPS systems
• In-home base station with built-in speaker and microphone
• Smartphone application

Wireless medical alert system

If in case a senior had an accident like he or she slipped, fell, tripped, and more or if he or she is experiencing sudden health problems such as difficulty of breathing, sudden chest pain, and more , he or she can press the help button (either placed as pendant or as wristband). Then, the POM base unit will pick up the signal triggering to immediately connect to the Command center via phone; so, the senior does not need to pick up a phone or call someone, let alone the POM do the work.

Fall detection sensor

One of the biggest technological innovations that the medical alert system has today is the fall detection sensor. If in case a senior had an accident or sudden health problem that caused sudden fall, the sensor will automatically send a signal to the Command Center for immediate assistance. If in case you are unable to press the emergency button when an accident happens, through the fall detection sensor, the senior will get the needed emergency assistance. If you want to get some information on what to do for first aid while waiting for emergency team, this site will help you with it.

How can the signal from the device to the POM help?

By the time the POM receives signal or alert from the emergency button, it will be triggered to connect to the Command Center that is fully respondent 24/7. The emergency operator shall talk to the senior using the emergency device they carry and will send immediate help; they may do some first aid shown here as an example.

However, if the emergency operator is unable to talk to the senior, the operator will automatically reach someone near the area to check up on the senior; this is to ensure that the senior will receive immediate care as fast as possible. You may check medical alert reviews on how efficient medical alert team works.

Final Thoughts

A medical alert system device is a huge help not only to seniors but also to individuals who are physically impaired or have disabilities and individuals who are suffering from medical conditions; even without a caregiver, you are guaranteed for their safety.

If you want to take advantage of this remarkable device, you may visit Bay Alarm Medical’s device.
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