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Resume Writing For Stay-at-home Parents

Many moms and even dads are taking time out of their careers to stay home with their babies and young children. Eventually, mom or dad is going to want, or need, to go back to work. For the parent planning on going back to work, brushing up the resume can be a daunting. Since employers look at previous work experience, it can be challenging to create a resume that will make you stand out above the rest when you haven’t been in the work force for several years. Here are some tips for creating a great resume. If you need you can read more about resumes on the Internet.

First, start by highlighting related activities. While they may not have been past jobs, they will showcase your skills and convince employers you have the experience to do the job. Do not get wordy, but highlight any volunteering or freelance items you have participated in. For example, did you do some secretarial work for the PTA or your church? Did you participate in school fundraisers? Did you do any writing for these organizations? Show these accomplishments to highlight your skills for your potential employer.

If you have been continuing your education in any way, be sure to include the studies you have completed. Show any professional organizations you are a part of. Did you do any work at home? Include these to show you are self-motivated.

Sometimes it is confusing to know whether you should include your current role, that of a parent, in your resume. It really depends on what the job field you are looking to get into is. Are you trying to get a child care or teaching position? Then highlight the fact that you have been caring for children as a stay-at-home parent. You can call yourself a household manager. For most jobs, however, it is advisable not to create a job title for your time as a stay-at-home parent, because it ends up making you look a little silly. Instead, highlight the things you have been doing with your time that would relate to your job. If you have nothing to include, consider doing some volunteer work to get some experience you can include. Make sure the activities require business related skills.

You may be wondering what you should do about the employment gap you will have in your resume. Well, this is where your cover letter comes in. Use the cover letter to briefly explain that you have been staying home, but emphasize that you have been keeping your skills current and are excited to be returning to work. Remember, your employer is not going to want to hire someone who has no desire to be working.

The key to writing any resume is to highlight your skills and downplay what is missing. Do not dwell on your time away from the workforce, but rather highlight what you have been doing to stay fresh. Keep a positive attitude, and apply for many positions. The job market is tight, but with a well-prepared resume, and a positive attitude, you will eventually find the perfect new career!
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