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Mon 13 May, 2024 01:46 am - Thanks Region. Too many letters for Mastered. And the answer goes before the word “in” so it’s “MAP??ED in” (view)
Mon 13 May, 2024 01:28 am - Can anybody please help me with my last clue? 250a Focused on, … in MAP?RED Thank you! (view)
Tue 20 Feb, 2024 03:03 am - Thank you Steve! Looks so obvious now but boy I struggled. (view)
Tue 20 Feb, 2024 02:14 am - I am struggling with this one. I have 4 clues I just can’t solve, and would welcome any assistance, please. 12A I left out toiletries from Raffles ????E?I?S 26A Former political leader... (view)
Wed 13 Dec, 2023 03:25 am - Hi, Could someone please assist me with my final answer? 109D Classified ?E?DED Thank you for your time, Lisa (view)
Mon 23 Oct, 2023 02:58 am - Oh thank you Steve and Cherie. I was too focused on it being Yen. I can’t thank you enough! (view)
Mon 23 Oct, 2023 01:58 am - Hi, I’m stuck on one last clue in The Titan 108a Pine For I have ?I?S I thought YINS but everywhere I look it says YENS. The “i” comes from 67d Accustoming which I have... (view)
Tue 21 Feb, 2023 06:26 am - Thank you! Never heard of it before. Thanks Cherrie (view)
Tue 21 Feb, 2023 03:35 am - Again I am stuck on one final clue, and any help would be appreciated please. 92d Morale Booster ?I?LUP Thank you! (view)
Wed 1 Feb, 2023 12:07 am - Thank you!! (view)
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