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There truly are numerous benefits in shopping online. However, one problem still arises for some who are not familiar with the process - finding clothes that fit them. Many people purchase cheap yet trendy clothes online. But, maybe only actually use half of them. Because the other half are too loose, too short, too fitted or even too long for them.

At times, they end up sending them back (if the shop allows it) or reselling them at a lower price just to get rid of them. Unlike in a brick-and-mortar store, you would not have the luxury to try the clothes on for size. You would need to rely on your knowledge on the different sizes or even just your instincts. Here are some tips that you could use when you shop for boutique-quality clothing online to avoid spending money on clothes that you won't fit in anyway.

1. Get your measurements

Get a measuring tape and measure your bust size, waist, hips and full hips, and also your inseam. You would also need to measure the length from your collarbone to the floor, your height and the length of your legs. To measure your bust, you would need to put the tape around the fullest part of your chest, under your armpits. Let your tape measure go around the slimmest part of your torso to measure waist, making sure to give a bit of allowance. Your hip size would be the measurement of the fullest part of your hips, going around your hipbones and your rear. The full hip is measured by holding a ruler straight down from your stomach and letting the tape measure go around your hips and the ruler. You might need to update your measurements once in a while when you gain or lose weight.

2. Go to the size charts

Some online shops have size charts where you can see the different sizes the shop offers and how your measurements compare to them. You can also use size charts of other sites if you can't find one in the website you are specifically looking into, just make sure that they are selling the same style and kind of clothes.

3. Go to the reviews

It is recommended to read the reviews and feedbacks from other shoppers about the shop and its products. You would be able to get an idea on what kind of things you should be expecting from the clothing you were eyeing. Instead of just reading feedback on the website itself, you can also go to some fashion policesites where they give reviews on different online clothing stores, the sizes, the materials they use and all the products in general. You would be able to know more about the items by reading what other people say about them.

4. Choose styles that do not need specific measurements

Aside from the waist (and probably the length), there is no need to measure some other specific body circumference for some specific types of clothes. For example, if you are choosing among some lace dresses, pick one that does not have a specific hip or bust measurements.
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