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Sun 1 Mar, 2020 07:40 pm - Hi, the answer is Sacrum. bye (view)
Wed 26 Feb, 2020 11:46 pm - Thanks I think you're right, I realised I had time at 11 across: Overly sentimental in between (cryptic) , I saw twee in between , then it clicked, Monster colossus: Uncurls sounds right. (view)
Wed 26 Feb, 2020 08:08 pm - Hi, I'm stuck on giant Cryptic 2 down: Pass what sounds like obvious pain (8), my letters are: O?M?T?O? or O?M?T?A?, with the second last letter I'm not sure if 20 across: "Hoodwink... (view)
Sat 8 Feb, 2020 10:23 pm - Here is Australia Smiths made Lamington flavoured chips, they taste terrible, sweet flavoured chips are wrong, in an online poll 80% of people disliked them. (view)
Thu 16 Jan, 2020 11:48 pm - Apocalytpica and Nina Hagen covering Rammstein song Seeman,... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2020 09:19 pm - Cryptic Stumpers, Is 1 Ac.Waylay a flower at a wedding (10): Buttonhole, 17 Ac. Cover walls with document (5): Paper, 17 D. Vermin under the post office? Call the law : Police, 30 D. Complex... (view)
Fri 13 Dec, 2019 05:42 pm - Thanks, for some reason at 127 acc: Muddling I had Ambling instead of Addling. (view)
Thu 12 Dec, 2019 10:44 pm - Hi, I'm stuck on 85 down: In total (3,4) my letters are A?L ?O?M, I think my letters are right, unsure about the A, 84 ac: Defaces: Damages. This time I double checked the clue and the spelling. (view)
Thu 12 Dec, 2019 10:32 pm - I goofed, I didn't check my spelling, sorry guys, I reviewed the post but didn't check the spelling. (view)
Tue 19 Nov, 2019 12:17 am - The Butt hole Surfers also cover Hurdy Gurdy Man. (view)
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