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It is a known fact that the internet has become very powerful nowadays. It is a place where people get to know people, as well as facts around the world that are only relayed through books and teachers in the past. It has made information gathering very easy. Likewise, many businesses have succeeded because of the internet. Similarly, many people became instant celebrities because of which. With such in regard, many individuals are establishing their own websites. Some of them do so in order to launch a business or a product. Others create one in order to create blogs of their own.

A popular website creation tool that is used by many for free is wordpress. Apart from being free, it is also very easy to use and setup. Users are also given the opportunity to personalize their websites through different plugins. An example is the WordPress Themes which let them change the presentation of their sites or how they are displayed by the visitors. The thing is that creating a personalized and catchy website is not enough for people to reach their goals. They should also make sure that their sites are visible on Google searches, as well as visited by people.

In order to help them know the interaction or activities on their websites, they should have a blueprint of such data or statistics. That is where the Google Analytics plugin comes in. It has been designed to help owners determine their website traffic. In simpler terms, they will see how many people have visited their websites for a certain period. They will also be able to see their visitors' geographical locations. Thus, they will be able to know the diversity of their readers or visitors. Thus, they will be able to redesign their websites in order to meet the needs of their audience.

Google analytics for Wordpress can also help owners see when their websites have been visited specifically. Likewise, they will also be able to see the duration by which the visitors have entered and exited their websites. With the help of such, owners will be able to determine the right time of the day to publish their blogs or announcements. Additionally, they will also be able to determine the source of the traffic. That can either be from Google searches, Google advertisements, social media, or other search engines. Through such, they will have a better understanding on how to popularize their websites. In addition, owners will also be able to determine what the users or visitors did while they were on the website. Specifically, they will be able to see which tab was opened mostly and which were not. Through such, they can redesign their website again according to the data given.

In short, people who will be installing a Google Analytics plugin will know which works for their clients and what will not. The problem is that with so many Google Analytics plugins available, they should be able to determine the right one for them. They should consider reviews and ratings. One of the highly-recommended is the Analytics Cat. People who are interested should make sure that they follow the Analytics Cat Setup Guide.
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