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Did you know that only 2% of the purchases are made during the initial contact point? In fact, less than 10 percent of purchases are made in the fourth contact point. A buyer requires 5 to 8 contact minutes before they purchase. These moments together form the customer experience and this journey is different for each client. It is crucial to effectively communicate with potential customers so that they are provided with the correct details. The sales and marketing funnel is the process that eventually leads to the purchase.
What is the reason I require funnels?
In the introduction, it was mentioned that a buyer needs between five and ten contact minutes for a purchase. Does this sound like a hassle? In reality, it's not! It gives you the opportunity to market your company and product or service in so that your customer will not be able to forget your brand in any way.

Customer journey
The interactions that lead to an purchase are all part of the journey of the buyer. There are numerous models designed for this by marketing gurus and professionals, but the most widely used is the AIDA model. The following phases are included in the AIDA model

Attention: The customer knows that you are aware of a particular need and is ready to purchase the product or service you offer.
The customer begins to show an interest in your product
Desire: The client has the desire to purchase your product
Action: The buyer purchases your product

Each stage of the model requires its own unique approach and messages. It doesn't make sense to begin promoting pricing and packages when the client isn't aware of your product and certainly doesn't require it.

Time and efficiency
The luxvoni marketing ceo makes it possible to have a more efficient distribution of leads between sales and marketing. It also saves time and can be used by employees. Automated funnels ensure that your site and communications ensure a steady flow of leads 24 hours a day. Marketing departments can concentrate on the communications within this funnel while sales can efficiently concentrate on leads that are in the last part of the customer journey and consequently your funnel.

Informing and giving advice
Consumers, whether they are conscious or not, need to be informed and educated about the purchasing process. Customers need to be guided and guided to make the right purchase. This is the reason a sales and marketing funnel can be helpful. It allows you to showcase your business and product as the solution that the client needs.
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