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Direct mail marketing is still one of the most trusted ways when promoting the brand; it allows the company to reach their customer with a personal touch. The direct mail marketing is not limited to selling new plans and services, offering special items, informing discounts, and more, it is also used to appreciate customer’s loyalty and trust.

If you are thinking of creating and sending mails to your customers, here are some ways on how to create an effective business letter to your clients:

• What type of business letter will you be sending?

Your first step is to know what business letter will you be sending; there are several types of business letters, it could be a formal letter, business sales letter, customer appreciation letter, and more. To make it easier for you, identify your reason for sending a business letter.

• Know your target

Who are your recipients? To narrow them down, here are some tips on identifying your clients that you are about to send a business letter:

o Will you be sending the business letter to your existing or past client?
o Will you be sending it to a prospective client?
o Will you be sending it to an individual or an organization?
o Are they part of a group or chamber of commerce?

Secure your mailing list efficiently, to avoid possible confusion in sending the mail to the right people or company.

• Draft your message

Before you get nitty gritty in writing and sending a business letter to your target client, you have to draft your message.

There are several types of approaches when writing to your target customer, but the most common and effective way to speak directly to your client through a letter is with the following steps:

o Using a professional tone

Your manners matter a lot in business letters; it can convey how serious you are in doing business with your client. So, to make your letter a success, try to avoid being too casual; however, you must strive to become friendly in a professional way. Also, business letters should sound confident, sincere, and courteous.

o Be clear

To avoid miscommunication and to skip any business jargon, you have to state your reason for writing a direct mail to your client early in your letter. Be lively and use active words to encourage your customers to read the letter from the top until the end.

o Make sure to organize your thoughts

Group all the related information efficiently; this will help the reader to understand the content of the letter. Also, try highlighting the significant words to draw more attention.

o Make use of your creativity

Ideally business letter should be formal; however, in this new age of commerce, you have to be creative to attract more customer attention; the best way to do that is through Inspired Mailers’ elegant and vibrant mailers. The company is using mail supplies that are far from the traditional, but they still follow what is the ideal.

If you want to make your letter more readable to target clients, make your business letter presentably creative, but shows what the ideal is.

Final Words
Sending direct business mails is still in, even with new approaches involving technology, there is nothing more sincere than sending a personalized business letter to your valued customer.
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