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That is a big and startling statement especially the public know Seiko as a brand with a low price intended to be banged around and worn down. Many would prefer to spend their hard-earned money buying Swiss Made pieces to start their collection and they may be feeling better however, is it the right choice? Check out this site to get additional hints about hand watch.

Check out the following 8 reasons I believe that everybody should begin collecting Seiko watches.

1. Bang to the Buck
You know what they say that quality doesn't come cheap. However, some Seiko watches are an exception to that rule. Seiko has produced a number of quality, affordable watches in different watch classifications and uses. Seiko's Lumibrite watches, which are almost indestructible and non-radioactive, could last up to five hours following only two minutes of exposure to sunlight.

2. Serviceable if needed
Seiko watches are simple to repair because they have a lot of experience. Repairing and calibrating them is simple for any watch repair specialist. The automatic movement can be quickly disassembled and rebuilt by repair experts. This ensures precise and reliable timekeeping.

3. Good Value Retention
Selling watches could result in losses of anywhere between 15% and 25% in the average. Take this information with a grain of salt because the urgency and the desire to sell is always an important factor. If one is desperate to sell, they could really lose a lot of money by reselling.

4. True Horology Heritage
Look no further as Seiko has produced and created watches for more than 1 hundred years. They are generally priced to be affordable for everyone. The collection of them, especially the vintage models are not only financial gain, but an authentic gesture of horology gratitude and appreciation for their contribution to watchmaking.

5. Solid Parts Support from the Industry
Seiko's bracelets and straps departments are another strong contributor. These companies only focus on mass-producing customized straps for the popular Seiko brands. Crafter Blue is an example of mass producer of straps for Seiko.

6. 6.
Many people purchase watches to tell the time, while others buy it for the aesthetics and looks. There are still many people who buy watches to impress. Watch snobs are the best people to impress with watches. A good Seiko watch can rival Rolex in terms of performance function, design, and historical.

7. Utilization of "In House" Movements
Imagine it this way: if some of the famous and long-standing Swiss watchmakers make use of mass-produced calibers, and receive top ratings and credits from the general public, then Seiko should be celebrated more for purely creating their own movements from scratch on their own. It's a privilege to make everything in house. There are many watchmakers that are able to do the same thing that Seiko has been doing for so long.

8. Global Seiko Support Clubs and Groups
Another sign of a strong brand or product is the presence of global fan clubs or fan groups who support the hobby and passion. This is certainly the case for Seiko and their huge fan base in every continent. To top it all off you can find incredible deals on watches through these groups and clubs. They you can also use them as a way to sell some of your Seiko as well as non-Seiko watches.
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