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Sat 7 May, 2022 06:33 pm - How do you use this site? (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 06:20 pm - If there are at least two people against someone going to heaven, that person will go to hell. That is true? (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 06:19 pm - I offended some people and now it is no longer possible to ask forgiveness from these people (I no longer have contact with these people), and in the bible it says that anyone who does not ask... (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 06:17 pm - If a person does something disgusting that makes all people hate him with all his might and doesn't want to be around him, will he go to hell? For no one will want to live with her in heaven. (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 06:14 pm - I blasphemed God I said I didn't want to see God's face and I would never go to church. Was it blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Will God forgive me? (view)
Sat 7 May, 2022 06:04 pm - What are all unpardonable sins for God? (view)
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