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Barcelona is a home of the majestic architectural landscape, vibrant culture, and rich history. Anyone can fall in love with this place. Its grandeur beauty is hard to ignore. Barcelona is a place which keeps calling you to come back and enjoy your life with all you can. It is the reason why many people do not get tired of visiting Barcelona.

There are different things you can do at Barcelona, but of course, if you want to enjoy your visit try learning the language of Spain.

Barcelona is a place filled with native Spanish speakers. Thus, if you are a person who does not have any clue about the Spanish language, it will become an inconvenience experience for you and might turn your vacation into a troublesome tour. For this reason, it is substantial to have a background in the language such as learning how to speak Spanish. However, before anything else, take a tour first on what you should expect at Barcelona this time of the year!

1. Barcelona SagradaFamilia Tour
This stunning architectural piece is the infamous Museum of Gaudi's La SagradaFamilia. In this site, you will see the various types of artifacts, designs and plaster models which have been taken care of to preserve its beauty. At this museum, you will experience the unraveling of Barcelona's history through the arts present in each corner of the room.

2. Barcelona Palau de la MusicaCatalana
A popular location for concerts and shows in Barcelona is the Palau de la MusicaCatalana. This magnificent architectural structure is built to reveal the history of the place. From its lavish decor, intricate interior designs and fascinating structure, you will not imagine a place as beautiful as Palau de la MusicaCatalana. Now, if you want to listen to music at this hall, there are special tours which can allow you to witness and hear a mini organ concerto.

3. Wine and Cava Day Trip
A vacation is no vacation without a drink from Barcelona's finest wines. At Wine and Cava tour, you will have the privilege to taste a wine created from the hands of Barcelona. The land of Catalonia is filled with famous wineries and wine products. Thus, to make your vacation more exciting, you can take part in this wine tasting activity and eat Catalonia's authentic cuisine.

4. Barcelona Small group tour cooking class
The Small-group cooking class at Barcelona is headed by the place's most talented chefs. In this class, you can learn helpful cooking tips in making your favorite Spanish dish. Moreover, you can eat the dishes which are prepared for you.

5. Gothic Quarter Morning Walking Tour
Some parts in Barcelona are alive early in the morning. Places like Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is an incredible and awesome architectural landscape which is even more beautiful at dawn. On this trip, you can dine in the bars around the area or meet the amiable people of the place.
So, do you want to experience all of this? Then, if you want to learn to speak Spanish visit BaseLang for they can help you to become a fluent Spanish speaker in no time.
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