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Fri 28 Aug, 2020 07:49 am - Nice to meet you. Window shop as you like. Two streets over there are great recipes. Good day. (view)
Sun 5 Apr, 2020 10:07 am - I reside lower part of thumb. I commute to the worse part. Start saving your socks that get holes in them. Still trying to see the seal. Thank you for that. Keeping ones mind clean and busy is... (view)
Sun 5 Apr, 2020 07:24 am - People are getting stir crazy kept inside. The weather is breaking, a day of sixty degrees after a long winter has the majority of people disregarding the stay at home rule. Entire families are... (view)
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Sat 14 Mar, 2020 02:09 pm - Consolidated, cleaned , stacked made path. (view)
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