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I'm a little bit gutted to be writing here, it gets rid of that little hamster thing Sad

I dislike pennies. They smell awful, make your hands feel disgusting and are the most annoying change you can recieve.
I like to surf. I started when I was 3, on some strange little kids’ board. I still have it. It sucks.
I hate that feeling when you've eaten way too much. Eurgh.
A calf once chewed 16 holes in my favourite top and my dog once peed in my shoes. Actually, he does that a lot...
My brother thinks’ he has super powers that mean he can fly. He doesn't, but it did lead him to break his arm when he was 5.
My youngest sister thinks Hannah Montana is God. She also thinks dictionary is said "Dip-don-berry".
My other sister is pretty damn awesome. She hated Hannah Montana - Smart kid.

I think that's about it. Smile


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