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It is commonplace for us to not give priority to the significance of our lungs to keep us healthy and strong. Often, we start taking our lungs in when we have breathing issues. Our lungs require the same amount of care as the rest of our bodies.

When we breathe, we provide oxygen to all cells in our body. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, individuals are more likely to be suffering from health problems such as pulmonary diseases, heart ailments and respiratory problems. But, breathing on a regular basis is not sufficient to ensure that oxygen is flowing throughout the body at its highest levels,

Regular activities do not let the lungs function fully, therefore you must take part in vigorous lung exercises to test your organ. This can help eliminate the toxins and tar from the lungs which could be caused by pollution, allergens, and cigarette smoke.

To improve the health of your lungs, there are some things you can do:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the few things you can do to make sure that your lungs are working properly. This method can be easily employed by those suffering from lung diseases such as chronic asthma, emphysema and bronchitis, etc.

To breathe diaphragmatically, make use of your diaphragm muscles to divide the organs of the abdomen from the lungs. Inhaling more easily by focusing on your diaphragm being lower while you breathe. This technique is followed by musicians to improve their lung capacity.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a practice that can help your lungs to reach your maximum capacity. As you breathe slowly, your stomach will grow due to awareness of the diaphragm in your lower. Then, you can expand your ribs until the ribs floating to transform into wings. Next, focus on your upper chest rising and expanding. Once done, start exhaling as much as you can by letting the chest fallout. The diaphragm is lifted by contracting your ribs and stomach muscles.

Take a few breaths and count your breaths

You can increase the capacity of your lung by increasing the duration of your exhalations and inhalations. Begin by determining the length of time your natural breathing lasts. It takes five count to breathe in and five to exhale. Therefore, you'd want both to be the same length.

Once you've established the average count of your breaths and count each inhale. Repeat this every time and then extend the amount of time to fill out and empty your lung. Be sure to not experience discomfort or strain on your lung muscles. The motto is slow and steady wins the race.

Be aware of your posture

Because the lungs of our bodies are soft, they require much more space than the one you give them. To allow more space for your lungs, sit tall and raise your head.

Since the lungs are a soft, they are able to take up as much space as you allow them. One way to give your lungs more space is by leaning back on the comfort of a sturdy chair, lifting up your chest and opening your sides of your body, and breathing deeply.
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