Netflix 1st Timer

Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2023 09:55 am
Can anyone put my mind at rest. I am watching Netflix on approx a 6 year old LG TV, now we purchased a brand new smart TV (Hisense) for a second room. Am I able to watch Netflix on this second TV (Hisense) by just login in etc, without occurring a second subscription?
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Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2023 09:57 am
As long as your home internet (IP address) is the same one used by both TVs, you should be fine. The age and the make of your tv shouldn't matter.

Not sure if there will be an issue if two people are simultaneously using Netflix as the same time (one using different TVs in the same household). I'm pretty sure that if you're only watching on one tv at a time, you should be fine with your current plan.
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Reply Sat 18 Mar, 2023 08:08 am
::About Login in::
You can log into Netflix from any device as long as your using the password.
You have the option of using various "aliases/users" ( same account but different user with different settings ).
My dad has a netflix account and my siblings uses it all the time.
My mother also have a Netflix and I am able to use where-ever, when-ever.
However different aliases/users under that specific account will not cross over another account. It is suggested to use Netflix on devices that have been highly associated with the original user, but again this is proven false. Everybody in my family is mostly in the ______ part of the nation. So it is obvious the original user is located in that specific area.

::Why use Netflix offline::
You could ( I advise ) use Netflix cross nations via VPN servers ( even free ones ). To setup VPN on your device/etc. You need to have an application/program ( like a web browser or PPC/mobile/cell phone that has the option in the settings ) and input the VPN numbers ( ip, etc ).
With VPN you are able to browse what Netflix ( Amazon I think ) from other nations and locations.

::Neat thing about watching offline::
and thus be able to "save" that Neflix data and watch-offline ( if your really crafty you could convert the Data into video and or make a flawless recording via other methods and not have to use the official application/program. ). That being said you could also use the same saved data offline in any Netflix program. Bare in mind that Neflix while offline demands a login ( which could be worked around in the future ).

::About responsibility and sharing Neflix::
Just understand whoever you give your Netflix account to they will have the ability to make purchases ( which Netflix does not care about and will pin against you if you allow such to occur ).

:: Why never ask Netflix about this ::
Do not ask Netflix for help just research it.
Netflix ( employees trained to push more services on you ) will try to make you purchase more stuff.

Just as with "Paypal" using the "send" money function does not mean that person is a friend. Paypal tries to push send payment option on you because that is how they make money off you via purchases. Now with taxes garage selling sucks unless your planning to use your paypal sales as tax-deducatable. So sharing account is like using the "send" option but your giving total trust to the next person.

My opinion Netflix is a dumb/selfish/uneducated way for a person to watch media who is paranoid about downloading media or accepting free services. Netflix is shareware basically.
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