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In certain breeds of hamsters, females can be black, orange, or a black-and-orange mosaic called tortoise-shell, where small patches of black and orange fur are interspersed (see image at right). However, males of these breeds can be either black or orange but never tortoise-shell. For example, in a parental cross between orange females and black males, all of the F1 female offspring are tortoise-shell, but all of the F1 males are orange.

A. Using the information provided above, propose a hypothesis that would explain why tortoise-shell coloration occurs only in females, and briefly explain. As part of your answer, please produce the Punnett square in the space provided for the parental cross described above and explain your notation system

B. At a second gene locus on a different chromosome, the dominant allele P allows black pigment to be deposited in fur, but the recessive allele p prevents the deposition of black pigment, turning hairs that would normally be black to white. Alleles at this locus, however, have no effect on the deposition of orange pigment. Thus, female hamsters who are homozygous pp recessive can be white, orange, or a white-and-orange mosaic called creamsicle, but never black or tortoise-shell. Males who are pp can only be white or orange. Now imagine a parental cross between a white female and an orange male. The F1 female offspring are all tortoise-shell, and the F1 male offspring are all black. In the spaces below, write the genotypes of parents and F1 offspring for this cross
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Because the female hamsters are all mad.

To test that put mad things in the punnet square, preferably circular mad stuff for a fouble mad whammy. Try mad hsts, cspes or photographs of trees, mad ones and a pork pie.


Genotype A Gino de Campio
Gene Wilder
Gene Vincent
Jean E. Widalightbrownhare

Genotype B Gina G
Gene Kelly
Gina Lollobrigida
William Shatner
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2023 04:53 pm
Obviously your answers are correct but you know we aren't supposed to do people's homework for them.

How will they ever learn to work it out for themselves?
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2023 07:07 pm
I was glad he answered because I had a few of them wrong!
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2023 11:39 pm
What would we do without him?
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Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2023 02:50 am
A lot of people don't get Shatner, George Takei didn't.
Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2023 03:41 am
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