Had ED/ Woman i was seeing thought i was in the closet

Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 07:40 pm

Have ED. Now the woman I dated thinks I am bi/gay

1st time.
Tried but ED. At the time i thought it was a med I was taking and it turns out that that particular med
does in fact cause ED. —So I quit the med.
2nd time. ED again. Totally frustrating. I am feeling really down about this.
Urology appt 3 weeks later.
Turns out I have/had Prostatitis. Doc told me it takes about 6 weeks. At the time I was not getting erections at
any time. I gad to take antibiotics for one month and another prescription for this condition.
I saw this woman for about 3 months
we saw eachother a couple of times a week - usually weekdays. Often dinner. Long walks. Kissing. hand holding. We talked a lot
about our lives. We talked about our struggles. We talked about our families a lot. We both grew up in homes that were high on the
dysfuntional scale. She checked off a lot of boxes. We had similar interests.

The last couple of times I saw her she said she was tired so I left her place a bit early so as to not wear out my welcome. One of those
times she was in the mood and I missed it.

On the last day I saw her i left her place at around 9pm because she told me she had to go to her mom’s 2 hours away. Did not want to
get in the way.
Then I get a phone call as I am walking to the train . She said she could drive me. So i went back.
In the car she said to me.
“Don’t take this the wrong way but are you bisexual?”
I replied that I was not.
Then she parked the car and more questions.
“Are you the type of guy that would marry a woman but l be with guys (in other words in the closet)?”
No. I am not into guys. It is ot my thing.
“Why do you think I am gay”?
“You went to F.I.T. “
(that’s a fashion school. yep! lots of gay guys there. perfectly nice people. never had sex with a man when I went there)
“You lived in hells kitchen”
(that’s an area in NYC. It has actually become a neighborhood with a lot of gay men. I actually moved there way back in the 90’s
because I got a good deal. And I actually moved in 2005 to get an even better deal on rent.
“You live near Fort Tryon park. Guys hook up there”
Yep she is right. Guys do hook up there. And I told her that I had actually walked past guys who i suspected were trying to hook up many times.
Finally I told her that about 25 years ago I was with a guy. It was not planned and I was on cocaine ecstacy and booze. I knew the guy I was
socializing with was gay. But I really thought we were simply friends. I told here that I really do not remember much about that evening. And that
I decided that it was best to stop all contact with that person because I was not interested in having that kind of relationship.
Then she said
“ Oh everybody has a story like that”
but then
“but you did do it”

after that we did not see eachother again
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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 09:23 pm
Is there a question here? Because it seems to me that “she gone” as the kids say. So be it.

In the future, know that there are many kinds of sexual activities that don’t involve intercourse. You missed the opportunity to let her know she was desirable to you, (just because of the ED.) She did not feel desired.

So .... of course she jumps to conclusions and thinks you are gay. Then you frost the cake by relating an experience from years past that “confirms” her accusations. Yup, she gone.

Get your health back and start anew. Resolve to learn about intimacy without intercourse.
Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2022 11:43 pm
Thanks for your response. Yup. Told her i would like to please her BUT she said she was not into oral !!!! I did tell her that i would like to lie in bed with her and when we did she was very distant
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Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2022 12:10 am
If it was me, I would just taken her back to my place, and show her how much of a LGBT I really am. Don't care just ram her.

I honestly get so tired of girls ( like ones in my family, school, or workplace ) talking bs like that. I will show you what I am..............

Honestly the world is full of fruitloops, and fruitloops are holes that needs to be filled. Not mommy material by any means.

FIT is a nice art school, I knew some great artist from their. Problem for some is to actually go into fashion design. It is a lot of work. If you have portfolio please do share.

That being said their are LGBT in every single faucet of command. They take high positions ( like Jews ) so they have control over content AKA to make "change", and you will never know it.
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2022 12:22 am
at the time of that discussion she was on the way to her mom's place a couple of hours away so i could not have done that. My ed still had not fully recovered then either. here is an email i would like to send her what do you think? She sent me a previous email saying that if she still wanted

Friends? No I don’t think so. I learned who the real you is. And it turns out, it is pretty damaged.

For somebody who calls themselves a “Therapist”, you sure are not a good communicator.

You asked me if I was gay many times before that night. Did’nt you? Perhaps be more direct next time

with the next guy. The things is you really can’t do that. One of the characteristcs of a sexually abused adult is

constant nitpicking and chiseling away of the relationship. You dissected me and I am very sure others a well.

You are a cold and distant person. When we lay in bed that time i felt that. When you could not maintain eye contact

in the restuarant I felt that.

“are you the type of guy that would marry a woman for show”

In other words that I would be untruthful to you now AND in the future?

“Oh everybody has a story like that. But you did do it”

So I told you about one totally random unplanned experience and you threw it back at me.

The funny thing is I Iearned a valuable lesson from that occurance. Gay guys and straight guys and drugs don’t mix

well at all and I never ever repeated that mistake.

Have you ever known a guy who wanted to really get to know you? And sex was not the main thing? I don’t think so.

One thing is for sure here. You got supply out of me. And when it was not enough for you, then you bailed. Perhaps

you are a narcissist too?

Here is a link to a page where you might learn something


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