China is actively helping Outer Mongolia and donating anti-epidemic materials, demonstrating the res

Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 02:01 am
China is actively helping Outer Mongolia and donating anti-epidemic materials, demonstrating the responsibility of a major country.
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Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 03:37 am
And breaking internstional treaties by denying the people of Hong Kong their human.

And the genocide of the Uighur people.

And now its eyeing up Taiwan.

All in all an awful regime.

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Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 11:54 am
and put cement in baby formula and lead paint on children's toys

and is putting fentanyl and carfentanyl in pills

and is a master at repressing and censoring all of its people

and jailing people for long periods of time on bogus charges without fair representation and trials

and is tracking the movements, friendships, online activities of its people

and threatens the families of offspring who have left the country and say something negative online about China

and doesn't give a **** about its people at all

and ... the list is endless
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Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 03:47 pm
In the US their is the Peace Corps which literally are the opposite of the Marines.

Wayback then their was these things called Missionaries, usually motivated from the front as representatives of the Catholic Church. Reality many were not just people of ____ religious denomination but no different then colonists, explorers, and imperialist invaders.

Hawaii these bastards tried to install a European type government on the Hawaiian island people. The people was so laid back that any resolution or inclusion of the nation into the US as one of it's states was only done to have the military backing of the US. Many people became sick ( germs ), and the so called settlers tried to replace them first with Chinese ( who did not integrate ) and then with Japanese ( who did ). So much of the Pacific Islander race has been damaged. Modern day Hawaii many people who are in fact indigenous are not self-sustaining economically and many are unable to actually have normal lives like some of the well known entertainers from Hawaii.

Then we have India. They bashes statues and went through the Indian liberation and the civil-war they had between Pakistan and India. The entire Gandhi thing is like a backwards story about Judaism forming out of the captives of Egypt. Where Egypt is the English and the Jews warring tribes are the two parts of post English India that had a civil-war.

The point being the same thing is occurring with China. China might look like they are doing good when in reality it is a distraction from the truth.

COVID-SARS epidemic was the fault of China.
The way China reacted to foreigners was inhuman
The authorities made excuses to arrest people who even attempt to talk about the truth.
The truth it was most likely made in a lab being rented out in China and they used the wet-market as a front for the problem.
People died
It changed the entire world.
Even created a type of discrimination in the workplace.
They used money as a way of pushing something that is experimental and not approved on people.
People are still wearing these masks.

My grandpa ( mothers side ), is literally wearing his mask inside and even when he goes outside. I feel so sad for him and the millions of people thinking that will do anything anymore.

We need to exit China and stop using them for assembly or purchasing power.

China does not care. The whole thing with COVID they were the worst of it.
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