How can we get to know capitalism's traps?

Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2022 12:04 pm
Where can we learn capitalism’s traps?
What I mean by “traps” is how capitalism brainwashes people’s brains and what methods it uses. For example, cigarettes and rings for marriage are showed in movies to make people buy them. For example schools suck, system does this on purpose to raise more unqualified workers for capitalism to serve it better. I believe that big pharma is also true, because there is no reason for it not to be

Don’t get me wrong. Whenever I ask this to people, I get answers like “go live in North Korea”, “communism is not a better alternative” etc. I asked this in Quora and that was like a disaster. But this has nothing to do with communism. What I am asking is just how to be aware of the facts that capitalism imposes on people to make more economical growth. Another example to clarify what I mean even further is manufacturing. The products that factories product are programmed to break after a while by the companies on purpose to make people buy brand new ones

I am looking for something like a book, a comprehensive and complied source that explains what capitalism’s traps are and how to get aware of them. It can also be a book like Fight Club that tells a man who tries to get out of the system and lives a different life (Into the Wild movie is another good alternative.)

Thanks for reading, and also for book/blog recommendations
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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 01:48 pm
Here's a take, on capitalism:

The activation society, The Cold Spiritual Walls Of Supermarkets And Local Convenience Shops are for the money on body sex mansion, can use the dichotomy, Sunlight Can Use Left-wing politics Without Religion (despite left-wing politics being an aristocratic ally, of The Symmetry's subjugation to The Aristocracy), as a means to separate itself from said money on body sex mansion.

What's the meaning, of this scenario:
on the surface, it's the montage sequence of art having the ability to infiltrate the data society.

The data society:
typically, it consists of red and white sunlight, or it consists of the news media gothic mansion, or it consists of the-grabbing-daylight-Pizza-night, etc.

In hindsight, the Pizza night item reminded me of the movie credits sequence, which, I imagine, goes unlooked by many.

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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 02:13 pm
Check out Headed Into the Abyss: The Story of Our Time, and the Future We'll Face by Brian T. Watson. While it's ostensibly about the rapidly developing climate crisis, guess what he identifies as a primary cause – yup, capitalism, right in the first chapter.
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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 05:04 pm
Read any book on hypnosis and indoctrination.

People are easily hypnotized and indoctrinated in several ways.

Hypnosis is merely a state of mind relaxation where you are open to suggestion.

Early childhood is an ideal time for indoctrination because the mind is undeveloped and perpetually open to hypnotic suggestion. Religious and political messages and suggestions are easily and deeply implanted by inculcation in childhood, and it's very difficult to recover from that without clinical therapy.

As an adult, a competent hypnotist can help you relax in a hypnotic state and implant new suggestions that would counter the old, negative suggestions. This can't be done without your will. Deeply implanted negative messages can also be neutralized and reversed in redecision therapy.

A deeply emotional state such as anger, fear, levity, etc., is identical to a hypnotic state. In a deep state of emotion you are open to suggestion. Commercial interests use this knowledge to buy ad space in TV programs. The more melodramatic the program the deeper the emotional state elicited in the viewer and the more open to suggestions they are. The commercials are placed Immediately after an intense scene. And it works so well that TV programs are developed to suit the commercial interests, and that's why broadcast TV programs are now unwatchable. That's why TV dramas are limited to cop shows, detective shows and murder mysteries, doctor and hospital shows, lawyer shows, and funny shows with laugh tracks. The shows are aimed to suit the commercial interests only because melodramas induce an emotional state.

Political ads flood the waves before elections because the same melodramas that induce a hypnotic state in the viewers to buy products easily indoctrinate the viewer with political messages. The ads convince by indoctrination, not reason.

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Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2022 11:37 am
During emotional states the mind doesn't work. You're out of control.

That's why political rallies work. Think of Hitler or Trump or an evangelist working the people into a frenzy of emotion by playing on their fears and anger. Then comes the message over and over, the scapegoats: The Jews and the communists! The Mexicans and the liberals! The devil!

Then come the slogans: Sieg Heil! Make America great again! Amen!
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