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Im 15. I wanna be a photomodel.. i never saw having friends a advantage only 2-3 but even tho i never wanted many friends i fell sad and lonely.. I got admited in a bad school...I never cared about my grades , my mom always insult me with hard words which hurt alot.. and if i say anything back shes getting upset and stop talking to me. I got a social anxiety but even tho those stuff im keep trying to push..but by sometime i started to feel down , alone and very sad and my dream to be a phoyomodel gets more transparent. I need help please.
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Reply Sat 5 Jun, 2021 10:07 am
I'm not sure what you're asking for help about.

To become a photomodel (whatever that is; it's not an English expression)? To deal with your mother's nastiness? To get better grades? To stop being lonely? To get better friends? To get help with depression? That last one's easy - get medical attention. Depression is a physical ailment, as real as Covid-19 and measles. It has treatments and they help.

But let's look at your modeling ambitions, such as they are.

I am assuming you mean a magazine model or the like, someone who is photographed a lot and whose sole job is to have their picture taken.

There are very few people in that profession. Competition is cutthroat. Your chances (anyone's chances; this is not against you, personally) are vanishingly small.

Having another ambition, or two, or twelve, is practical. You can try hard and do everything right but still not make it. That is not unfair, it's not bad luck, it's not prejudice, and it's not bad mojo. It's life.

And doing everything means things like:
  • Keeping your weight down. Even plus size models tend to be thinner than the sizes they wear professionally
  • Get a professional photoshoot done
  • Make industry contacts
  • Learn - a lot - about skincare, makeup, hair care, etc. Top models have that stuff done for them; people just starting out have to do those things for themselves
  • Make sure your teeth are extremely well cared for
  • Taking acting classes is probably a good idea even if you never intend to act, because models need poise and the top level ones are interviewed a lot
Have you talked to a career counselor at school (if your school has one) about what you need to do? Have you researched any of this online, apart from coming here and dumping an incoherent post?

Top models work for what they do and get. A lot of them started out modeling clothes for cheap catalogs. There's an enormous amount of fraud and danger in their profession. Sleazy folks love to try to take advantage of younger, trusting and naïve people.

No matter what, even if you're somehow miraculously discovered tomorrow, stay in school. A backup plan is important for any grand plans in life, not just modeling. Finish. Your. Education.
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