IBS During Lockdown leaving me a Prisoner in my own home

Reply Sun 28 Jun, 2020 02:31 am
Any IBS Sufferers on here im sure you know how I feel.
Happy the shops are open again but the refusal to open toilets is a disgrace.
After a morning shopping and being in hectic queues, I started to feel pains coming on usually with this its like a one minute warning then I have to go.
After querying with a couple of shops much to my distress they said toilet facilities where closed so I had to go off into a quiet street to weigh up my options, I was thinking of a quiet field or park but thankfully after a couple of egg farts and a sit down the feeling started to wear off me.
As i queued for Zara for about 20 minutes i heard my stomach growling and i started to feel all clammy, i started taking deep breaths trying to fight it and ended up farting loudly in the queue much to my embarrassment, i swiftly exited the queue and thought Ill have to head home.
As im heading towards the station I can feel the turtles head popping out but my train was due in 15 minutes and thankfully station has toilets but much to my distress the queues were right down the station so i had to just sit there waiting for the train squashing cheese.
Then train turned up and it was like the tokyo train so i had to stand up with a cuban cigar near popping out my backside and then someone i know came over talking to me and when your just preoccupied with other matters i was just giving one word answers.
Literally the longest 15 minutes ever they are gabbing away while im clenching like crazy literally pulling tongues and they are completely oblivious to the fact im on the verge of pooing myself.
Thankfully the train stopped at our destination but by then ive got a tail so had to say an abrupt goodbye, march out of the station and once i got out of sight literally run for my life with my hand on my backside as i was touching cloth.
Got the key in the door at home, put the seat down and the minute i sat down i heard a thud...it wasnt a pretty sight but thankfully i made it... JUST!
What was scary though is if i was in town and didnt make it there would have been nowhere to get cleaned up and buses and trains wouldnt have let me on in a state, I would have needed the mask around my face for the pong. Looks like im stuck at home for the forseeable future.
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Reply Sun 28 Jun, 2020 07:13 am
Reply Sun 28 Jun, 2020 08:30 am
Ill check it out thank you
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mark noble
Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2020 09:46 am
LEARN The Difference getween 'GOVT (TOSSPOT)' Guidelines & 'Statutary LAW'.

Have a Lovely Day
mark noble
Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2020 11:53 am
@mark noble,
Point Being - 'Guidlines' are NOT legally 'binding' But 'assuming' they ARE makes you feel Legally-Bound.

'Save Humanity!, Stay Indoors! Worry! Be Stressed! Be Confused! ALL HUMANS are Rabid - AVOID Contact!

'Fear' IS The Key.

But that's another story.
Have a Lovely Day
Reply Thu 2 Jul, 2020 02:27 pm
@mark noble,
Thank you for the advice just need to go out confident that if I need to drop the kids off at the pool there will be a toilet available because with IBS even a certain drink or food i have minutes later all poo is shooting out. Everywhere i go i need to plan where theres toilets just incase i need to clear out
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